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Full-Time Job + Further Education = Possible?

There are countless reasons you may find yourself facing a situation where you need to work full-time and study for an academic qualification simultaneously. Education is, unfortunately, expensive, and thousands of people find themselves needing to earn a full-time wage in order to fund their studies.

However, such a route is undeniably trying: lack of time, stress, and difficulties with schedule management all soon become problematic. Thankfully, there are ways and means of finding enough hours in the day to do both, and do them well. Here are a few suggestions you may want to keep in mind.

#1 – Do as much online as possible

Nowadays, it’s possible to both work and study online, which is inherently beneficial for your overall schedule management – you don’t need to worry about commuting or travelling to your university, and you can work at times of day that suit you. It’s therefore work asking your existing employer if you can work remotely, or looking for online-only jobs; for the course itself, choose the likes of Exeter Online University rather than conventional brick-and-mortar universities.

#2 – Set timers for tasks

The idea of continually working to timers is not particularly attractive, but can be crucial to ensuring you stay on track when you have to ensure you are as productive of possible in the time you have available. Every time you go to start a task – be it for work or education – you simply estimate how long the task will take to complete, then set a timer for half of that time. When the timer beeps, it’s a chance to evaluate how much progress you have made.

If things are going well, set another timer for the same length of time and try to complete the task on time. However, if progress has been slower than expected, take a few minutes to try and figure out why: have you experienced unexpected difficulties? Do you need to contact someone for assistance? Have you been struggling with procrastination? Identify the reason that you’ve not gotten as far as you expected, solve it, and then reset another timer and try to work to completion.

#3 – Divide your days

Many people attempting to work and study at the same time have a tendency to do both in one day; for example, working a standard nine-to-five, and then studying at home in the evening. Unfortunately, this method can be extremely challenging both from a general life perspective and a mental clarity one: if you have been working all day, switching to ‘education mode’ can be extremely challenging. It’s therefore preferable to keep things separate wherever possible; you could, for example, ask your boss if you can work a four-day week at longer hours, which frees you to have an entire extra day that you can dedicate solely to studying.

In conclusion

Working a full-time job while studying can be trying, but also undeniably worth it. Hopefully, following the tips above will allow you to work on both efforts simultaneously so that you can enjoy the brightest possible future.

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