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Giving Everyone at the Office an Extra Special Thank You This Christmas

When you’ve started up your own bootstrap business, it can feel like it’s you versus the rest of the world.

As your business begins to grow and flourish, however, the business undergoes a massive paradigm shift as new people join your company and help you to guide it in a new and bold direction. It’s no longer your baby anymore, it’s a team effort.

And your team are awesome!

Each individual brings their own set of skills, their own unique outlook and their own personal idiosyncrasies. Not only have their knowledge and expertise helped to shape and grow your business, but also they’ve become the reason why your place of business is such a fun and rewarding place to be. What would the cold winter mornings be without Jessica’s warm smile, Imran’s hilarious group emails, or the way Denise always brings pastries? You want to do something extra special this Christmas to keep morale at an all time high and to show your team how much you value them… But how?

Christmas parties… with a twist

This may or may not be a given for your business, but if the tinsel round the monitors and red wine in plastic cups are getting a bit old hat, it may be time to shake things up a bit. There are many more fun alternatives to the average Christmas party that may appeal if eating an overpriced sliver of turkey in an overpriced venue don’t exactly seem like a worthwhile place to sink your entertainment budget. From ugly Christmas jumper competitions to murder mystery experiences to Christmas movie marathons, there are many fun alternatives to the traditional “Christmas do”.

Outside catering

Same old sandwiches week in week out? Why not treat the office to dine like kings without having to step out into the snow. Hiring a contract caterer like ABM Catering Solutions is a great way to bring delicious food directly to your office. You won’t have to endure the din of over crowded restaurants, nor pay their exorbitant seasonal prices. Plus you’ll have a much greater degree of control over what food is on offer to allow you to cater for the specific tastes of your team.

Christmas bonuses

If business has been booming this year, there can be no better way to reward your team for the part they have played in this success than giving them a Christmas bonus. If you don’t have a specific bonus plan in place be aware that there are no legal requirements for this so long as you meet your tax obligations. If business has been slow or your cash flow is not permissive of a Christmas bonus but you still want to give your team a special thank you, time off work can be a viable alternative.

Rent a Santa

Yes, this is a thing. And it’s brilliant! Santa visits can be booked here and tailored to your exact specifications… Just so long as you don’t expect him to take his clothes off, that is!

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