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Handy Website Design Tips

Starting a small business this year? There’s one thing you need to nail before you even launch. A website is the best tool you can have as a business to help spread the word about who you are and what you do, and today we are taking a little look at the ways which you can design an amazing website this year.


The main thing you have to consider when creating a website for your brand is the speed it will load on the screen. People are incredibly impatient and if you take your time too much with your website so that it takes more than a few seconds to load up, people will get bored and move on. There are a lot of ways you can increase the speed of your website for example keeping it simple, and changing the layout so that it uses less elements and features. One of the handiest ways is to save your images for web to make them easier to load up. You can do this on Photoshop with the option Legacy… Save for Web; and it will compress an image to reduce the file size without compromising too much on quality. You can use PageSpeed Insights to take a look at how you can speed up your site.

Use the fold

The fold is a term used for email and a website which essentially states that you should always present the most exciting information on the first part of the page before you need to scroll. The fold is the point of a website or email where you need to start scrolling to continue, and people wanting to scroll will depend on the content you have. You can use a web design agency to help you create the best content here and this can make all the difference.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key to a great website. We know that you might want to showcase every single service or product you have on the landing page, but this is never a good idea. Keep things easy and focus on one or two things which you can market really well. If you do this and a customer likes what they see they are more likely to investigate further and find your other services.

Make it accessible

Not everyone uses a desktop computer for their browsing and not everyone has a windows machine. When creating a website it is important to remember that there are difference devices and different browsers out there which may or may not be compatible with your layout and structure. Make sure that you take the time to really look into your accessibility and be sure that as many people can access your content as possible.

Add fun features

One of the great things about a website is being able to have some fun. Adding in a few fun features such as a video or a game or more can be a wonderful way to enhance user experience and satisfaction.

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