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Happy, Healthy Employees: Creating The Right Working Environment

In addition to a competitive salary and good benefits, a great working environment is at the top of many people’s wishlists when it comes to the perfect job.

Without it, staff can lose passion and enthusiasm for their jobs, making it easy to lose talented staff to rival businesses.

Having happy, healthy employees starts with the right workplace. Take a look at some of the following tips to help you create the perfect working environment.

Focus on positivity

A positive workplace environment motivates employees to perform well in their jobs and helps them to feel less stressed at work. You can create a more positive work environment by focusing more on in-person interaction, showing appreciation for hard work and celebrating successes. It’s easy to focus on improvements and making things better, but when you focus on the positives, you help empower employees to do a good job and not live in fear of failure.

Put health and safety first

Health and safety are some of the most important considerations for your business. By having a strong, easy-to-follow health and safety policy, you can ensure your employees feel safe in the workplace as well as protect your own reputation. Some tips for improving office health and safety include:

  • Providing employees with fire safety, first aid and other types of training to help them feel more in control in case a problem occurs.
  • Encourage a clear desk policy to keep the office clean and tidy, to help prevent hazards as well as the spread of germs.
  • Give manual handling training so that staff can lift and carry heavy items carefully and safely to prevent back and shoulder injuries.
  • Have fire drills often to ensure that everyone is familiar with emergency procedures.

You should also choose carefully when bringing in external contractors to do work. Choosing cleaners who use fewer chemicals or even cold cutting techniques for larger-scale jobs can make your workplace safer while adopting better practices for the environment. Health and safety shouldn’t be ignored in favour of cost-saving, so be sure to use reputable companies with a proven safety record.

Encourage training and development

When you offer training and development opportunities to employees, you’re showing that you value their career ambitions and want them to stay with the company. Training can motivate employees by helping them to feel more confident in their work, as well as boost their skills. Providing a number of different opportunities to your employees will make them feel more valued, and can ensure that you retain the best talent for your business.

Help employees to boost their health

Unhealthy workers can be costly for your business, but there are things you can do to help them improve their health and wellbeing. Taking part in initiatives like On Your Feet can encourage staff to move throughout the day to prevent the problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Offering discounted gym memberships, cycle to work schemes and even lunchtime exercise classes can all help to boost your employees’ wellbeing and encourage healthier habits.

Adopt a flexible working policy

More and more businesses in the UK are turning to flexible working to help employees achieve a greater work/life balance. Through flexible working, employees can enjoy shorter commuting times and fit work around their other commitments such as childcare, making the time they spend in the office more productive. Embracing flexible working can offer many benefits for employers, as well as make your company a more attractive place to work for prospective job candidates.

Make the office a more sociable workplace

A sociable workplace can make a company a great place to work for, as well as encourage better working relationships between employees. Encouraging social events, arranging away days and team outings is a great way to help employees bond and will make your workplace feel much more relaxed and friendly – easing tensions that can occur between colleagues. To make your workplace more sociable, you could create some relaxed breakout areas, encourage off-site meetings and have a regular program of events and activities that staff can take part in.

The right office environment makes your company a better place to work. As well as reduced turnover, your staff will feel motivated to do their best work which can produce excellent results for your business. Boosting staff morale is important during tricky periods, and it’s up to you as the leader to ensure your employees are happy and cared for. Start thinking of ways you can improve your office environment for happy, healthy employees who love where they work.

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