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Hiring With Confidence – Choosing The Right Candidate For The Job

Hiring new employees can be a difficult task – there’s a lot of pressure to ensure that you’re bringing in the right person to your team.

You’ll also find that there’s often a battle between your head and your heart when it comes to selecting the right candidate. If recruitment isn’t your strongest area, then get help with the following tips.

Learn how to hire with confidence with these tips for choosing the right candidate for the job.

Make your requirements clear

Making sure candidates have the right qualifications for the job is an important part of the recruitment process. You could waste a lot of time reviewing applications and interviewing candidates who don’t have the right qualifications to do the job. In job descriptions, state the requirements clearly and make sure you vet all qualifications properly. If a candidate is rejected because they lack a vital qualification, make sure they know. Often candidates aren’t given proper feedback that they need NVQ assessments or a certain GCSE to be considered, which is something that they can then set out to do. Stick to your guns on this one – it’s worth it to ensure you get the best candidates possible for the role.

Be fair and ethical

The recruitment process can be a very tricky field sometimes. Some hiring managers might show bias or even have a candidate in mind before they’ve even met everyone else. As difficult as it can be to stay impartial, it’s a must to make sure your organisation remains an ethical place to work. Look for ways to make your recruitment process fairer and come up with processes that will help you select the best person for the job, and not just the one you like the most.

Perform a practical assessment of their skills

How much can you really learn about someone from an interview? Asking someone questions gives them a chance to talk about their experience, but what if they’re just a good talker? How do you really know that you’re getting the right person for the job? Having some kind of practical assessment as part of the interview process can really help you to test the right skills, especially if you’re asking them to create content or give a presentation on something. Look beyond the typical interview to help you get a more accurate test of a candidate’s skills.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a second interview

It’s ok to not have full confidence in your choices, which is why a second interview is always a good option if you need to assess candidates further. Switch up your interview panel and get different opinions to help you make a more informed decision. A second interview can be less nerve-wracking for candidates too, allowing you to ask different kinds of questions to help you feel more confident in your choice. Even if you don’t take the option of a second interview, it’s worth keeping in your back pocket to help with the stress of making your final decision.

Better recruitment practices can help you run your business in a more responsible way, hiring candidates based on merit instead of simply who they know. Next time you recruit, give some thought to the above to help you hire with more confidence and ensure that you’re getting the right candidate for the job.

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