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How Has The Business Side Of Running a Beer Company Changed Due To Tech?

We all know that technology has changed the landscape of business in many industries.

However, the alcoholic beverage isn’t one where we tend to appreciate those evolutions. After all, it’s just a case of brewing a tasty beer and distributing it to the pubs right? Well, not quite.

The fact is that tech has had an influence on everything from brewing techniques and packaging, to staffing and promotion. Likewise, tech advancements have been used to help companies adapt with a changing culture. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key issues.

Computer-Assisted Operations

Brewing requires a combination of machinery and manpower. Still, it lasted several centuries without computer tech. However, brewers that wish to stay ahead of the game in today’s environment must embrace the modern tech at every opportunity.

The business operation is comprised of many parts ranging from brewing to packaging and order fulfilment. Generic computer systems can help, but dedicated beverage software has moved the goalposts. The best companies visit to give their ventures a significant boost. When the operation runs smoothly, it can only bring positive impacts.

In fact, this advantage over the competition can truly make a massive difference to productivity and efficiency. Persisting with the outdated traditional methods would result in slow progress. In turn, this allows others to seize the initiative.

Online Selling

The days of selling your local brew to the pubs in the nearby cities is somewhat a dying breed. For starters, the chains commonly stick to the same global giants. Perhaps more tellingly, though, the number of pubs has dropped by roughly 20% since the turn of the century.

This can be attributed to many issues, but it isn’t due to a lack of alcoholic consumption. People are merely buying from supermarkets and online retailers. The best small beer companies know how to drive traffic to their sites. Moreover, they may team up with other companies such as beer discovery clubs to further promote the brand in style.

Online sales can remove a lot of the overheads while also allowing companies to reach new audiences without the need for a middleman. While standing out from the crowd is far from easy, those that succeed can achieve great things.

Improved Consumer Experiences

Thanks to the fact that beers aren’t only being consumed in pubs, beer makers can do a lot to help drinkers have a better experience. While extra items like branded glasses (or the various items Guinness sells) do help, the tech devices are far more significant.

Beer can technology has improved, including developments in better carbonation. Meanwhile, airflow systems promote a better flow during pouring. Others can visit to discover a measuring system for usage in their home bars. While it’s technically an external feature, smaller companies can incorporate it into their promos.

Anything that leaves consumers feeling valued and in greater control of their drink pouring and tasting is a positive thing. The addition of modern tech gadgets and features certainly encourages this to happen, making a key player in the current trends.

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