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How Millennial Entrepreneurs Should Conduct Business Meetings in 2018

First thing’s first: yes, business meetings still exist.

And, no, they aren’t only conducted via Skype.

Millennials don’t have it easy, although the older generation may disagree. To be a successful businessman or woman, it’s essential to bring all of the parts of the industry to the table. Online is important, but so is offline. The younger money-makers are trying to bridge the gap and it isn’t easy.

A business meeting is a prime example. In the past, a person would speak while a sheet of paper went around the office. Nowadays, a PowerPoint presentation is the norm. As an entrepreneur, how are you supposed to accommodate everyone? Let’s take a look at the following and see.

Be Formal

There’s a tendency to try and be too casual and it only hurts professionalism and reputation. In the beginning, you still need to show that you are in charge and a person worth doing business with. Otherwise, the potential clients and customers will bounce, both mentally and physically. The small details matter, so begin with a bright smile and a firm handshake. Then, bring the meeting to a head on time, and speak with authority. These are somewhat old-school morals, but they are synonymous with success.

Act As a Judge

Although it is your show, some people in the audience may try and take over the meeting. A golden rule is never to speak while someone is talking. However, there may be tonnes of noise and back and forth as people vie for airtime. If this happens, be the first one to step in and mediate. Not only is respect important, but it’s essential to keep your agenda on track. By acting as a judge, you can steer the conversation away from pitfalls and drill home the point in the process.

Serve Food and Drink

As minor as finger food seems, it often makes a huge difference. Why? It’s not because it sets a good example. Most people won’t care if there is food unless they have missed lunch. It’s the impact business catering has on focus on concentration levels. As soon as the body uses up its fuel resources, the mind will start to wander. You can see it happening when people start to fidget and look away from the screen. Small sandwiches, or whatever you want to serve, are instant energy-boosters and will help you to refocus their attention. Don’t be afraid to pause for a short break and advertise the snacks.

End On a High

Don’t assume that the presentation is enough to make them want to invest. Entrepreneurs, as you know, are frugal and part with their money only when necessary. The trick is to reinforce the values and pros which you outlined in the presentation. Add value by saying something like “as the numbers show, we can improve productivity by x amount.” A phrase such as this will grab their attention and make them think. Technology helps, but you should never rely on it to 100%.

Being a millennial isn’t straightforward, but would you have it any other way?

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