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How to Create the Perfect Office Space in Your Garden

With remote working on the rise, people are increasingly looking to create office space at home. If you don’t have a spare room or a quiet area where you can focus on your work, you may consider creating a workspace in your garden. Having an outdoor office can help you to achieve a peaceful space to work in, with the bonus of creating some separation between your home life and work life. If a garden office sounds like the perfect solution for you, here are some points to consider:

Choose the Right Building

You may already have an outbuilding in your garden which is suitable for you to use as a workspace, or you may be planning to buy an office shed. When choosing an office shed, you will find many different options to choose from, including more traditional wooden designs, or ultra modern office pods that are predominantly glass fronted. With so many different options available, it is worth taking plenty of time to consider your options. It is useful to start by thinking about how much space you realistically need and how that will be used. For example, do you mainly need a workshop space with benches and room for machinery? Or, are you in need of an office space, which can also accommodate a table and chairs for client meetings? Taking the time to choose the right building now will be well worth it when you consider how much time you are likely to spend in your home office.

If you are struggling to find the perfect home office for you, then some companies can create custom builds designed to your specifications and fit your available space.

A Room With a View

As you are going to be spending a big chunk of your time in your garden office, and possibly have clients visiting you there, you need to ensure your outside space is well-presented. Keeping your lawn neat and tidy, pathways free of clutter, and the garden well-illuminated are essential to creating a good impression. If you are looking for garden lighting, you will find a great selection on this website.

Making your garden look both presentable and pleasant also means that you have a lovely view to look out on during your work day, and makes it a beautiful space for enjoying an al fresco lunch break.


Don’t forget to check that your insurance will cover your outside office as if the worst were to happen; you need to know that you are covered. Making sure that your office space is safe and secure is also essential, especially if you are storing high-value equipment in it. Due to the changeable British weather, it is also a good idea to make sure your office is suitable for all seasons. Check that it is watertight and whether it will be warm enough in winter and not too hot in summer; if not, you may find that at certain times of the year the space isn’t useable.

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