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How to Get Inside the Mind of Your Customers

Why do customers choose you over somebody else?

It sounds like a simple question but it’s more complex than you think. You might be inclined to say that they prefer your product, but that’s only a small part of the story. There are actually lots of different reasons why a customer chooses one company over another, and they don’t even realise why they’re doing it themselves.

Understanding the psychology behind the customer’s decision is vital if you’re ever going to increase your sales. Here’s how the mind of a customer works.


Colour is the most important aspect of your branding when it comes to customer psychology. Research suggests that around 90% of decisions about a favourite brand are based on colour alone. So, colour and branding are definitely influential, but often misunderstood.

You’ve probably seen articles telling you which colours illicit which emotions. While there is some truth in that, everybody has a different reaction and things are a little more complex. Studies into colour show that people are more affected by how appropriate the colour is to the product, rather than what the colour is per se. You won’t be able to choose a colour and magically get the emotion that you want. Instead, you need to look for colours that emulate the character that you want your brand and product to have. It’s also important that customers immediately recognise a brand, so choosing a colour that is wildly different to your competitors is a good idea.

Customer Service

There’s more to customer service that just being nice to people and telling them what they want to hear. 45% of customers say that they are willing to pay a little more if it means they get better customer service, so it’s vital that you get it right. Make sure that all of your employees have professional customer service training so they are equipped to deal with customers in the right way.

A recent study has found that a personalised experience is one of the main things that customers are looking for. They proved this with a simple experiment. Two sets of customers at a restaurant were tested; one group were given a mint with their bill, and the others weren’t. The ones that were given a mint gave, on average, 3% higher tips – not because they liked the mint, but because they liked the personalised experience they were getting.


The price of a product is obviously going to be a big factor, but you’d be surprised how much psychology is involved in it. Everybody is aware of prices that end in .99 rather than being round numbers, but you might not have considered why. Apart from giving you loads of change, these prices do serve a purpose. If somebody sees a product that is £3.00 and one that is £2.99, their focus is mainly on the left number. That means they read the second price as £2.00 and the first one as £3.00, so although there’s only one pence difference they perceive it as being around a pound cheaper.

Understanding what’s going on in your customer’s heads is the best way to win their business. So channel your inner Derren Brown: it’s time to play some mind games!

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