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How to Host a Special Event for Your Customers

When it comes to bringing attention to your brand and latest line of products, chances are you’ve read the same pieces of advice time and time again.

Use SEO (search engine optimisation); try out advertising on social media; give PPC (pay per click) advertising a go.

But there are other, more personal and intimate options out there that you should consider. Let’s take a look at hosting a special event for your small business.

Establish What You Want to Come From the Event

There’s not much point in hosting an event for no reason at all. It’s going to be an expense and dip into your profits, so you need it to pave the way for future profits to make it worthwhile. Beneficial times to hold events include new store launches, new product line launches, and for branding or re-branding purposes. Knowing what you want to come from the event (introducing your new store to the consumer market; showing off new products; or creating a new brand image in your customers’ minds, for example) will also make the rest of the planning process much easier.

Choose a Venue

If you have a bricks and mortar store and want to introduce buyers to your stock, why not hold your event on site? Not only will this prove easier for you as you don’t have to relocate your stock to an alternative venue, but also it ensures that your customers know where your store is located and how to get there. If you offer services rather than products, you probably don’t want to invite people into your offices as this is a relatively formal environment. Instead, you could book a venue that will allow for more casual and natural networking.

Book Entertainment

You’re going to need some form of entertainment to create an enjoyable atmosphere at your event. Nobody wants silence! So consider hiring a party band for the night. Look for a band with infectious energy and a feel-good vibe. This will help people to loosen up, chat with one another, and bring a smile to faces all around.

Provide Refreshments

Your guests will need some kind of refreshment while they are in attendance, so make sure you stock up enough drinks to ensure that everyone can have at least one on the house. Buying in bulk will prove much cheaper, so pick everything up at once and save cash.

Contact Your Mailing List

Once everything is set up, organised and good to go, it’s time to start letting people know about the event. The best place to start is your mailing list. This should comprise all individuals who have purchased with you previously and any people who have signed up to keep up to date with what your brand is up to. A mass email should suffice. If you want more scope and exposure, make an event from your brand’s Facebook page and advertise the event on other social media.

Planning an event for your brand is a thoroughly exciting experience. As long as you are organised and realistic, you should be able to pull it off as an outstanding success!

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