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All Work, No Play? How to Host an Office Sports Day

Do you feel as if your employees are lacking a bit of motivation?

There will come a time each year when the whole office hits a slump. It’s not your fault, it’s just the way things are when working in an office environment. But there are some great ways to inject energy back into your office, and the one we are going to talk about today is hosting your own office sports day.

‘But, a sports day is for kids!’, we hear you cry. Well, that may be the case, but a trip back to our childhood days can put the spark back into your office life and awaken a competitive streak. Honestly, if you want to motivate your co-workers and get them back on track, holding a sports day on a Friday will give you and your colleagues a chance to laugh, joke and reset for the following Monday. You’ll come back after the weekend reliving funny memories, and work in a much happier environment.

To make your office sports day amazing, here are some of the events you could compete in:

Desk Table Tennis

You can buy a cheap set online and have oodles of fun watching your colleagues slam the ball at each other across the desk.

Office Chair Race

Swivel chairs were made for a reason, and it’s not just for turning in your seat. Make things interesting by pairing up and pushing a colleague along the floor on a chair to the finish line.

Rubber and Ruler Race

The office version of the classic egg and spoon race, have fun balancing a rubber at the end of your ruler and weaving around an obstacle course of shoes and bags.

Ruler Javelin

Make a line out of paper to aim for and throw your rulers through the air. You’ll want high ceilings for this one.

Waste Paper Shot Put

Rather than just throwing paper in the bin out of boredom, do it for the win.

Three Legged Race (with Sellotape)

Use some trusty Sellotape and stick yourself to another staff member for a fun-filled race across the office.

Desk Hurdles

Maybe only for the really brave amongst you. You might not want to try this one if you’re wearing a skirt! You’ll get bonuses for hopping over as many desks as you can, and deductions for items you knock over along the way.

To make it more interesting, split your workers into a few funny teams (such as the Stapler Squad etc.) and play for the chance to win the ultimate desk trophy from Trophies Plus Medals; you can visit their site and even pick up some medals to make your event more like the Olympics. Nominate someone to help keep score of each event and tally up the points at the end to reveal the winning team. They could receive a gold medal, first kettle rights on Monday morning, or the best parking space in the car park. Whatever the prizes, you’ll have a fun-filled day and get to know your co-workers much better.

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