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Green Is Go: Increasing Foot Traffic In-Store

Savvy entrepreneurs know that the high street is by no means dead.

To say it is alive and kicking is a stretch, but it certainly has pros which can be exploited. Relying on digital entrepreneurialism and eCommerce is short-sighted. What happens if the server goes down? A physical shop is a legitimate money-making option, as long as you understand the nuances.

Fewer consumers pound the pavements these days due to the rise of technology, so you have to find a way to attract the herd in-store. Below are the ways to turn the traffic light from red to green in a matter of seconds.

Kerb Appeal

Think of the store as if it were a house. If you do, you’ll realise one thing very quickly – the exterior is essential. People make judgements – whether it’s a house or shop – with one quick glance at the outside of the premises. Those who don’t like what they see will continue window shopping until they find an establishment that fits the bill. Don’t fret, though, because this is easy to rectify. Start with the doors. As lazy as it sounds, push and pull entrances are a turn-off because they aren’t automatic. Commercial door specialists can fit state-of-the-art entry points if the building is lacking. Next, focus on the window offerings. Visual merchandising is a must, people.

Novelty Value

The key is to grab people’s attention and encourage them to have a look inside. Window displays are great at this, but they are a little played out. Take a gander at the local competitors and you’ll find they all do the same thing. To stand out from the crowd, a novelty display is almost like a best friend. For one thing, it’s different and secondly, it plays on shopper’s emotions. The World Cup is on the horizon, and savvy shops should think about England-based promotions and visuals.

Let’s Get Witty

One feature which is and will remain effective for a very long time is humour. As the political spectrum is showcasing, people want a change from the status quo. Consumers are no different. Rather than companies that are formal and overly sanitised, they want a store that is rough and ready. A humble sign may not seem significant yet it can attract dozens of men, women, and children. Think of something “punny” and clever to write on a board and let the sign do the talking. Increasing traffic is about showing off your personality.

Back Foot, Front Foot

This refers to customer service. Please don’t be the person who hovers around customers making them feel uncomfortable. Although the intentions are good, the execution is a little lacking. The key is to leave them alone until they ask for your help. But, you have to be ready at a moment’s notice because no one should be left waiting. Mastering the back foot, front foot technique is about monitoring a shopper’s progress. Oh, and eye contact helps too.

What are your favourite tactics for enticing traffic into the shop?

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