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How to Make a Phenomenal Impact Online

95% of the general population: that is how many people buy online, not to mention research products and services that they can access in other ways.

For this reason, you cannot ignore your online presence, which is vital to business success. So keep reading for some guidance on how to ensure that you make a positive and effective impact online.

Mobile Friendly Website

With such a high proportion of people using their smartphones – more so, even, than desktops – it’s vital to not only have a user-friendly website, but also one that displays well on these devices.

But if you think a mobile site is just a miniaturised version of a desktop one, then you are in for a shock! Actually, a mobile site is something that needs to be designed and created specifically, the idea being that it provides the main functions of a desktop site in a clear and easy format that displays well, and can allow easy user interaction, on a smartphone.

Include specific mobile site functions for maximum impact – things like chat boxes, or the option to call or email your company in a single click. GPS features might also be useful, allowing users to find your real-world store more easily (and an excellent example of how your business can have a phenomenal impact online and in real life at the same time).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is something that is incredibly valuable in helping your business to make an impact online. This is because it concerns the ranking and placement of your site and content when they are searched for. Obviously, the higher up the rankings you are, the better, because it’s the first page of results that are likely to get the most clicks through – something that increases your chances of site visits, leads, and sales.

To this end, businesses can spend a lot of time researching and tweaking things that affect their SEO such as keywords, content, and images. There are plenty of companies like out there that will be happy to do this for you at a reasonable price. Calling in external, expert support is definitely worth considering as it frees up your employees to focus on what they do best while ensuring that your company still has the online impact that it needs for success.


As well as your website itself – and the SEO you put in place for it – the content that you produce is also crucial to help increase the impact that your company has online. In particular, the value of video content is now being recognised.

As stated at, a billion hours of footage is being watched on YouTube alone. So it’s clear that video content can be harnessed as a way of getting potential customers engaged in what you have to say. Although, do remember that as the field is so flooded with all sorts of humorous pets riding surfboards and the like, the videos need to be entertaining and informative to get people to view them in the first place – something you need to happen for them to contribute to making a phenomenal impact online for your business.

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