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How To Make Your Office For Today – And The Future

It’s exciting to get lost in the idea of your new office.

The layout you’ll have, the location, the way everything will come together to produce a lively, productive working space? It’s clear to see how this can be beneficial to your company. But when it comes to designing a new office space, it’s important that you don’t just think about the here and now. Instead, think long-term. Your aim should be to be – or at least have the capacity to be – in your office for years on end, without falling behind the times.

Long-Term Plan

You might be bogged down the daily nitty-gritty details of your business, but you should have one eye on the future. Have a think about where you think your company will be in two, five, and ten years down the line. Are you planning to grow the number of staff? Are you going to offer new products and services? Are you going to expand into new markets? By figuring out the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to create a space that works for now and the future. You don’t want to have to move in the next few years just because your office is no longer suitable.

The Future of the Neighbourhood

You’ll want to think carefully about the neighbourhood before you agree to lease the space. You need to ensure that the area fits in with your general vibe; if you’re a hip business and the other companies there are cool, then you might be onto the right place. But don’t just think about what’s happening now; think about how the place will be in the next five years. If companies are beginning to move out, then maybe the area won’t be so cool this time next year. It’s like Shoreditch; it was once the next big thing, but now it’s not quite as cool as it was.

High-Quality Finishings

Regardless of location and the rest, you’ll want to ensure that you’re creating a space that has the capacity to be your home in ten years time. And for that to happen, you’re going to need to have top-quality finishings fitted throughout your office. That means having things like stainless steel pipe fittings, high-quality flooring, and, all around, materials that you know won’t quickly begin to show wear and tear. If you’re going to spend the time making your space look good, make sure it can look good and stay working for years on end.

Environmentally Friendly

We know a great deal about the impact we have on the natural world, and, as such, there are practices we can integrate that will make our office more environmentally friendly. When it comes to thinking about the ins and outs of your office, make sure you’re making decisions that are earth-friendly. This will have an impact that stretches beyond just making your office modern; it’ll also be a hit with customers, who are increasingly likely to spend money with a company if they show a broader social awareness.

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