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How to Optimise Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is still probably the most cost-effective way to boost your brand awareness, persuade more people to shop with you and increase conversions.

However, just doing social ads does not necessarily mean that you are getting the best results for your efforts.

When you take the time to optimise your ads, you will see a huge leap in results. And, in even better news, optimisation doesn’t have to be challenging at all. A few simple tips and tricks are all you need to get a boost.

Stand Out

Yes, yes, everyone is always telling you to stand out but they never say how. On social media, the answer is usually one of 3 things: bright colours, an obvious call to action and a video. Video content is rapidly increasing and will soon be the most prevalent type of content on social media. Everyone loves a good video – they are quick to watch, effective in getting information across and eye-catching to boot.

If you are not a video specialist, you should certainly consider getting a corporate video production company to help you. They can create product videos, produce ads and almost anything else you ask and all in aid of boosting your social presence. Investing in their services now will definitely help you later on.

Social media marketing is not just about having a platform to share your blogs; it is also about creating a space where you can interact with your customers and start conversations. As well as ads, you should also be posting regularly even if it is a simple Happy Friday message. The more great content you post, the more visible you will be.

Always Refine Your Audience

So now that you have something to catch their eye, you need to decide who ‘they’ are. Refining your audience is key to creating a successful ad because there is no point in showing it to lots of people who either aren’t interested or aren’t part of your target audience.

Whenever you create an ad, you must always think about who you want to see it and then refine your audience to make sure only those people see it. Even though this means that it may reach fewer people, those it does reach are of higher value to you and are much more likely to interact with it.

Split Test Everything

The final stage is to make sure that you split test everything. Split testing is simply creating a few versions of the same ad – maybe you have a different picture or perhaps the text is reworded – and then you see which one does best. This is a great tool for advertisers because it ensures that you don’t spend your whole budget on a dud.

Split testing also means that you can refine your ideas as you go along and really get into the nitty-gritty of exactly what your audience are most likely to click on. This means that you can use your time and money more wisely to ensure the best results every time, rather than guessing what you should be doing next.

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