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How To Rebrand Your Business Without Losing Existing Customers

There are a lot of different reasons that businesses decide to rebrand. It might be that their marketing strategy isn’t working and they need a change or maybe they’re just taking the business in another direction. Whatever the reason for it, a rebrand is a big risk because there is always the chance that you will lose your old customers and if that happens, your profits are going to take a big hit. If you drop a significant amount of customers, it could be the end of the business entirely so it’s vital that you make sure that the rebrand doesn’t backfire. If you’re going to rebrand without losing old customers, these are the most important things to remember.

Split Your Time Between Old And New Customers

Often, companies rebrand because they want to break into new markets. That’s always a good thing and it’s the easiest way to grow your business, however, it’s important that you don’t neglect your existing customer. If you put all of your efforts into finding new customers and you don’t have any contact with existing customers, you’re going to start losing them. You should still use things like social media marketing and email lists to connect with your existing customers and let them know that you still value them.

Make Your Website Transition Smooth

Updating your website is one of the most important parts of the rebrand but it can cause a lot of problems. If it doesn’t go smoothly and you’ve got old customers coming to your site only to find that is closed for maintenance for weeks on end or the new site is filled with bugs and it’s a pain to use, they’re not likely to come back again. That’s why you need to invest in a good web design company that can make the change without any problems. It’s important that you complete the full design and have everything ready to go before you launch, and if you’re changing the web address, you let your customers know well in advance.

Remember Your Core Values

Even though you’re rebranding, it’s important that you remember what the core values of your business are. It’s those core values that got you where you are in the first place. For example, if your focus is on more expensive, quality products and great customer service that extends beyond purchase, you’ll lose a lot of your customers if you move towards high volume sales of budget products. Think about what your company represents and what your customers like about you, and make sure that you don’t lose that during the rebrand.

Publicise The Rebrand

This sounds obvious but a lot of businesses get so caught up with all of the nuts and bolts of the rebrand like creating a new website or designing new packaging that they don’t dedicate enough time to publicizing the rebrand. It’s important that you’re posting on social media and sending out marketing emails to existing customers to inform of the rebrand in the months and weeks leading up to the new launch.

If you follow these steps, you can successfully rebrand your business without losing any of your existing customers.

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