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How to Start an Online Business If You Don’t Have Your Product

When people start a business, they often think that they need to move an existing offline venture to the internet to succeed.

While it does help if you have an established brand, it is possible to create a new business even if you don’t have your own product. Whether you are just getting started with internet marketing or don’t like hard selling, there are several great options to choose from. Find a few below.


One of the best forms of business you can start off from home is dropshipping. No matter if you are selling items on eBay or one of the social media marketplaces, you will not have to take care of the stocks and delivery, still get your commission. However, it is crucial that you find the right type of product and niche. If you would like to build a successful drop shipping business, you should always get to know the market first.

Affiliate Marketing

If you would rather not focus on one product or company, you can also try your hands at affiliate marketing. It is relatively simple, and you can get paid for generating leads, if you join a CPA network, or a commission of sales when you are reviewing products your blog readers and followers might be interested in. You don’t have to create your own product and some of the marketing materials will be provided by the vendor.

Review Sites

If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge about various products, and would like to make money off your blog, you can create reviews and link to the product pages using your unique affiliate link and earn a commission every time someone buys through you. From eBay items to Amazon products, there are plenty of companies offering this platform along with expert training to help you succeed.

Joint Ventures

When you are starting an online business, you will realize that it is not easy to make decisions without guidance and training. If you want to make sure you succeed, you need to know that you are not alone. You should get involved in networking and talk to fellow business owners who will be happy to share their tips and experiences. You might even set up a joint venture with another marketer who has different experience, so you can both help each other out.

Ads Revenue from Blogging

If you would rather not sell products on your blog, and keep it informational, you can simply allow advertisers to place links and banners on some of your pages. You will get paid per click and the more people visit your site the more likely you will earn a full time living off simply writing about what interests you and what you are passionate about.

Starting a business from scratch with no reputation and products can be challenging. Make sure you do your research and accept help offered by vendors and potential partners. And remember, consistency is the key to success.

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