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Here’s How We Tackle The Gender Pay Gap Together

It has been widely reported across the globe that women tend to earn a lot less than men who are in the exact same job as them.

Even though we may think that we live in a fairly equal society, lots of studies show that the gender pay gap is still very much apparent in the UK.

We shouldn’t stand for this huge difference in the pay between men and women – as we do the exact same jobs as them, we deserve to be paid equally. So there really is no wonder that thousands of women up and down the country are fighting for fairer pay. Are you ready to join them? Here are some steps you can take to help close the gender pay gap.

Take Shared Parental Leave

One reason why the gender pay gap is so sizeable is that women usually take longer parental leave than their partners whenever they have a child. Lots of women take more time off than their statutory allowance and, in some cases, even leave their job completely to focus on child care. Even though paternity leave is now encouraged in the UK, not many dads are taking it up. It’s important that they do so, though, as this can improve their relationship with their new baby, share parental responsibility with their partner, and also make their earnings equal.

Negotiate Higher Salaries

When women apply for jobs – whether with a company directly or through an agency like Pure Staff – they tend to simply go with the initial salary or wage that is offered to them. They are unlike their male counterparts, who are much more willing to try and negotiate for a higher price. So, next time you do apply for a job, it’s important that you try and negotiate for a higher salary – you might be surprised at how willing companies are to increase their original offers.

Ask a Company for Transparency

Another key part of applying for a new job is asking a company for complete transparency. The majority of companies will be willing to share their pay scale or individual salaries for each position. If you come across a business which is unwilling to give this information, then you should see it as a red flag. They probably have a gender pay gap in place, so you will be better off applying elsewhere.

Increase The Value of Lower-Paid Work

If you are a businesswoman and employ your own team of staff, you can also help to close the gender pay gap. You just need to increase the value of lower-paid jobs. It is thought that jobs and positions that are at the lower end of the pay scale are mainly taken up by women. So, increasing the value of these positions can really help women by increasing their wages and pushing them closer to salaries and wages that men earn.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some great inspiration of how you can help end the gender pay gap – starting now.

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