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How Watertight is Your Business?

There are many metaphors that can help a business owner – particularly a new one – understand the art of running a successful business.

We’d argue that the most apt and continually relevant one is liking your business to that of a ship. It is a vessel; something which will only work with the constant contribution of the team occupying it. It is also something which must respect and work with, not against, the ocean at large.

The most on-the-nose, but also most poignant, example in the ship metaphor is that your business must always stay ‘watertight’. But what does this mean? Well, the old expression ‘loose lips sinks ships’ can help you picture this. However, in the business world, ‘loose lips’ can be defined as any number of things. We’ll delve into some of those in this article, and discuss how you can prevent the bad to keep your days of profit sailing smoothly.

Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is the grease you must apply to the waxing of the boards of your ship. It will help you stay protected against the difficulties of the ocean (free market,) as well as strong enough to support its weight. Under difficulty and duress, it should get tighter together and compacted in its resolute cause. This is not dissimilar to how wood expands when it’s wet. Foster this by continual encouragement, a sincere rewarding scheme for great performance, and a social policy which fosters the best ideas coming forward.

Online Security

Imagine a pirate tale where not only does the sea have its dangers, but also vulturous winged predators surround the ship at all times. In the online world, there are constant threats and dangers from the internet. It’s likely that plenty of your business operations are localised, or information about them is at least stored online, in the cloud or otherwise. Your online security is more important than ever. It’s important for you to stay protected from any breach.

Using firms such as My Cybersurance can help you stay protected from any data breach which could spell trouble for your entire firm. Using a VPN to access critical files, storing all of your client information through a secure third party, and footing the cost of an IT professional or simply hiring a consultant can help you develop the best and most inclusive methods of protecting yourself from the predators roaming the online seven seas.


Have a backup of anything is good, especially in a business sense. While you may be struggling for initial relevance, it’s wise not to spend all of your firm’s working capital just in case an emergency crops up and it must be dealt with via a wise investment. Purchasing your stock in bulk to help accommodate any losses, repairs, or large orders can help you tremendously when push comes to shove. Always plan at least two months ahead, and strive to survive until then with your conserved resources. Just as a ship would do well to keep a spare sail in its hold, your business will thrive through emergencies with careful forethought and planning.

Calm seas do not make for skilful sailors, and with these tips at your fingers, your business will be equipped to deal with the highest tide.

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