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How Your Website Affects Your Customer Base

We’ve all seen a bad website or two in our time; hard to get through, astoundingly long load times, and a homepage which looks like it hadn’t been updated since 2005.

Immediately clicking off the page meant we had to find somewhere else to conduct our business. Nowadays a lot of people like to shop online, but the worry over website interface is ever present: if a bad website has happened to us, it’s happened to your potential customer base as well…

Having an online retail option is great for business nowadays. People like to shop from the comfort of their own armchairs and sitting up in bed after a long day at work, and being convenient means more often than not your customers will come through a website. However, if your website isn’t easy to use, you’re going to lose out on a lot of potential profits. With that in mind, let’s look into why website design affects your customer base, and why you could be losing money because of it.

Staying Up To Date

Staying up to date with all the latest design trends and new codes can take a lot of effort, but when you look modern and sleek, with a website that feels like it tailors itself to the customer, you’ve got profits in the bag. Of course you don’t need to be extremely high tech with a design that looks straight from the future; functionality comes in many forms after all. However, make sure your website is pleasing to the eye, and looks like it comes after the year 2000.

If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas of ways to bring your website forward, try contacting, as staying up to date does require a good amount of knowhow. You see, your website needs to be easy to read most of all, as accessibility is becoming more and more important in the modern age. For example, bold fonts, in large font sizes, are extremely popular nowadays, and that means it’s a good place to start with carving out your own style. Websites need to have that element of colour to them, and the subtle hint of fun to go along with that. After all, you want to be approachable.

How Professional It Looks

You want people to take you seriously, to know you’re legitimate, and to feel safe buying from you. And that means you need to look professional. Yes, this is a branch term, and there’s a lot of ways to make sure you come across as a real business.

One of the best ways that can be seen in multiple formats is by using a testimonials page. When your user base can read reviews from people just like them, they’re more likely to place stock in what you’re offering. So if you’re trying to sell a product, or find someone to use your service, it’s time to load up on ratings and reviews, and make sure you only use real ones. If you’re wondering over the ethics, a good guide to the back and forth over this can be found at

If you’re worried your use of content can come off as silly, your fears are unfounded. Professionalism is something every business needs to be taken seriously of course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with it. Every social media user out there knows how a Twitter account can make a lot of companies seem a lot more on par with its customer base, so don’t rule out some well placed jokes in your design.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is something that ranks your website a lot higher in web pages than any other method to be number one, so make sure you can be viewed on all screens. It’s a cost worthy investment when you realise over 2 billion people in the world have smartphones.

Implementing a mobile feature means people can scan and shop from their phone – the most popular option for shopping online – and your profits will show it. This kind of web design is also known as ‘responsive web design,’ and it’s just your HTML code that needs changing because of it. Being able to navigate successfully on a small screen is a major win in the business world.

Your website is your brand personified. You need to constantly be keeping an eye on what you’re offering out to a customer base through your website code and friendly user interface.

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