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The Importance of Bonding With Your Customers

Anyone with experience in business will know that customer loyalty is the key to true success.

One-off sales may generate temporary profit, but forging a strong relationship with your consumers can ensure they return time and time again, spending more with your brand and turning a blind eye to competition in favour of your company who they feel they can rely on. This means that you won’t have to slash your prices to undercut newly established business rivals, and can count on a steady and regular profit.

So, how do you create a fan base of loyal customers? The first step is to bond with them on a more personal level. While nobody wants a seller to turn up at their home for a cup of tea, there are certain things you can do to ensure that your customers form a stable relationship with you and your brand.

Hosting Events

Hosting events for your customers gives you the opportunity to engage with them in person. Conversing with your target market will allow you to get critical feedback that can then improve your products and service. You will be able to find out customer concerns as well as gaining an insight into areas that customers feel work especially well for them. Your business will benefit greatly from this information.

Inviting your customers to a specially-hosted event also demonstrates that their custom is appreciated – and that they are valued by your company. Collaborate with an experienced and enthusiastic event company to put on brilliant evening entertainment. You can extend invites to previous customers and those who are signed up to your mailing list. By creating a night to remember, your customers will spread positive recommendations about your brand, posting memories and images on social media and boosting your exposure for free!


Customer retention is hugely important for any business. Remember, it costs a lot more to advertise in order to attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones. So how do you go about keeping people on board with your brand? You’ve already drawn them in, so if you deliver high-quality goods and services they are likely to have positive connotations with regards to your brand. A good way of further retaining customers is to offer reward programs and loyalty schemes. These give them something back – a free item, store credit or vouchers and discounts – for shopping with you repeatedly. Once they have started building points, they are likely to return to your brand for future purchases, even if competitors are offering similar products at lower prices, as they know that they will eventually be rewarded for their loyalty.

These are just two ways to add a personal touch to your customer’s transactions. These methods show your appreciation of their custom and encourage them to recommend, endorse and return to your brand time and time again. This not only improves your identity and reputation, but also it will generate more sales and increase your business’ overall profit.

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