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Important Roles To Fill First In Your Startup

Knowing where to begin when you have recently started up a business of any kind is notoriously hard to do – and yet it is something which is going to need some thought if you are to expect great success in the future.

The truth is that you need to make sure your attention is directed the right way if you are to get it right, and that is something which can take a long time to work out. One of the very first things you will need to think about is hiring people to work alongside you – and you will, in particular, need to make sure that you have filled a few specific roles which are likely to be especially important. Having these roles filled will mean that you feel much more confident going forward and bringing your business into the light, so let’s take a look at what they are. See for further elucidation.

Health & Safety Executive

Clearly, you need to make sure that your people and customers are looked after in terms of their safety form dy one, so it is easy to see why this should be such an important role to fill first in your startup. You need to hire someone who can champion health and safety from the get-go, and that requires not just a high level of determination, but also a huge amount of knowledge in the required area as well. The truth is that coming across such an individual straight off the bat can be challenging, but if you take a look at you will see that there are agencies who can help you by lining you up with potential employees in health and safety. You can then make your choice from a pool of qualified and keen professionals – and so keep yourself and your staff safer from day one.

HR Manager

Something hugely important is that you re able to keep in charge of people, and that means having someone who can do just that. An HR manager will ensure that your people are all looked after, and that you are getting what you need to out of them in turn as well. This is another role which requires a specific set of skills, and given that they will essentially be at the top of a chain of command, you want to make sure that you spend time on choosing someone for this role. They are central to the operation as a whole.


Of course, you also need to get your business’ name out there as soon as you can, so having a good marketer on board from the very start is likely to be a good idea. If you struggle to find someone who can help you here, then you might need to rethink how you are approaching it, as it is likely that you will need to make sure they are going to be the right person for the job. That means having the necessary ability to brand and sell,and that is something you don’t come by easily.

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