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Improve Your Business Workflow With a Handheld Printer

As technology for businesses becomes more advanced, there are increasingly more avenues to help improve the productivity and workflow of your business and streamline complex processes.

Using the right technology will not only save you time but can also save you money. This may sound cliché, but it’s true. One of the reasons some business owners refrain from purchasing advanced technology can be due to fear of the unknown. This thought process could have a devastating effect on the future advancement of your business. Due to various misconceptions about handheld inkjet printers, you could be unaware of the many benefits this portable product holds. Featured below are a select few positive points to consider to quench your curiosity about portable printers.


A significant benefit of this handheld device is that if your business requires warehouses for packaging and manufacturing, you can save a lot of money on conveyor belts, labels, and industrial printing machines. As your company will no longer require this equipment if you have a handheld printer. Some portable printers can mark up to a staggering 3600 objects per hour. Subsequently increasing efficiency and giving you back time to commit to other processes that require your attention.

Print On Anything

Impressively, this technology can print on any surface you can think of. Be it glass bottles, t-shirts, cardboard packaging, your husband or wife, crates and uneven or rough surfaces, absolutely anything. The versatility of this equipment provides the ability for multiple uses, giving you the ability to transition from printing barcodes on products one minute to applying your company logo to envelopes the next.

Instantaneous Designs

There is no loading time or window of waiting before you can use this product to print. Following uploading your graphics and stock numbering ers onto the printer, you can use it instantly with the simple click of a button. This enables you to view logos and designs on all merchandise and packaging immediately. This a huge positive for the impatient among us, and gives you the satisfaction of seeing your graphics come to life right away.

Spoiled With Variety

Each and every business has different processes and functions that can not all be solved by one product. Which is why there are a variety of handheld devices with various features and price tags to suit the needs and budget of your business. This technology ranges from $200 upwards, depending on the type of printer you require. For instance, the digital nomads amongst you may prefer a small portable device that they can easily pop in their pocket or handbag, small enough to transport and easy enough to print things on the go. Whereas other businesses may require a printer to display multiple lines of text with a bluetooth interface. With a range of printers to choose from, It’s worth shopping around to find the product that best suits you and your setup.

From the above, you will see the positives of using a handheld printer to improve the workflow of your business, by creating instant graphics on any surface at any time at the click of a button.

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