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How Intelligent Outsourcing Can be a Good Investment for Your Business

The thought that outsourcing provokes in the minds of many a small business owner is that of an inevitable increased financial outlay. In effect, you will be paying for someone, who you have possibly never met, to take control of a segment of your startup.

While this may send many into a tailspin and reaching for a brown paper bag to slow down their breathing, it is wise to shift perspective. Of course, outsourcing is going to cost money. However, when business functions are outsourced intelligently, you will see an immense return on this initial financial outlay.

For any small business owner who has put their heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears into getting their venture off the ground, relinquishing any control over the running of their company can be a daunting prospect. By loosening the reigns just a little, you will be able to stand back, reflect, and get a better viewpoint to see the bigger picture of your business. So, if you are going to contemplate working with off-site specialists, what is the most intelligent use of outsourcing?

Book Keeping

The finances of your business provide the backbone that will keep your company strong for the future. You do not want to risk the financial security of your business, nor do you want to make mistakes when calculating figures. At best, you will lose money. At worst, you will be investigated by the HMRC. It pays to get it right. Working with a specialist team off-site will give you access to astute financial knowledge and talents that you cannot locate from within your company. High-quality accountancy firms will actually go out of their way to save you money. They know the loopholes and tricks of the trade to source the balance that sees you saving money where possible while at the same time driving profits in an upwards trajectory.


If you have taken on some employees as your small business has begun to grow, it’s key that you understand the basics of payroll. However, working out how much to pay a staff member, as well as calculating their tax, can be time-consuming, even if you are fluent in the payroll language. Administrative tasks can bog you down, making it harder to focus on your business vision. By outsourcing this business function to a specialist company, you are freeing up your time to be spent on more worthwhile business pursuits.

IT Support

How many times have you had to cut an important phone call short because your computers have crashed or your network is refusing to play ball? The constant interruptions from your team because they need technical support can be hugely frustrating. It could be worth considering the benefits of a managed services provider.

When IT issues make the productivity of your small business drop to zero, all you have to do is contact your outsourced support service desk. They will send their engineers to fix your issue immediately or rectify the problem remotely, meaning you can continue your important phone call safe in the knowledge that your employees will be up and running on the network in no time. They will also ensure that your security procedures are viable by analysing your business processes. By tapping into expert talent not available in-house, you are able to work with specialist professionals to enhance the profitability of your business.

Content Marketing

Rather than employing a marketing manager or training up an in-house marketing team, it may be wise to employ the services of a content marketing agency to enhance your online presence. These specialist companies will be able to source avenues that you had no idea even existed including relevant blogs, social media channels, and industry specific forums. Using their expert knowledge of SEO and keywords, they can produce magazine quality content and unleash a campaign online that will see a spike in the hits on your website, generating leads which you can then convert into sales. The freedom to use the outsourced services as and when you need them means you will save money in the long run.

To outsource some of the functions of your business is to seek an increase in the productivity and profitability. As the business owner, you remain in control of the vision and the strategic direction of your company. Outsourcing attempts to strengthen your ability to implement your business strategy and secure your company’s success within your industry sector.

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