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Going It Alone: Is a Freelance Career Right For You?

Some people in the world are born with a creative streak. It’s not something that’s learned, but something that’s ingrained within them from the moment that they are born.

It’s these same people that often feel hemmed in when they’re in an office or working for someone else. It’s also these same people that look into freelancing as their career choice, because they can’t gel in the confines of a contracted job under someone else.

Working for yourself isn’t the easiest or the most secure of ventures, but it’s one that most people want because they value being able to be the master of their own time and income. When you have a talent for something, whether that’s art, design or even content writing, then you can’t be contained in the vision of someone else. You have to create your own vision and go from there, instead. This means throwing risk to the sky and jumping right in with research for insurance on demand, where to find clients for what you can do and what you should be charging for the job that you do with passion. Freelancing isn’t for everyone, let’s be clear on that, because some people really need the security of a permanent job contract to be able to do their job well. However, for a select few, the freedom and the fun of heading into their industry alone is worth the risk.

If you’re able to manage your time well, hitting deadlines with gusto and can arrange your work around your life, then working from home is going to be a piece of cake for you. Focusing at home is often easier than focusing in an office, where your things are around you and you can be in an environment that you feel comfortable and inspired. Freelancers often choose to go outside to work, or head to their favourite gallery or café. This is because they can draw inspiration from anywhere around them. However, freelancers also have to be resilient. Being a freelancer, you’ll deal with clients directly who WILL critique your work and will stress you out when they do so. Running a business is tough, and freelancing is exactly that. You are working your own business and you are pushing your own boundaries to do it well.

The other thing that you have to be comfortable with, is giving yourself downtime. When you work for yourself, it’s easy to work around the clock: no work = no income, you see. The best freelancers understand burn out, and so understand where to make time for their own interests. You need to have confidence in your work and you can thrive in that environment if you are determined and have grit behind you. If you’ve got that inquisitive and creative streak within you, then freelancing could be exactly what you need to allow your creativity to really expand.

Freedom comes with taking control of what you want; making the most of your opportunities is going to be up to you. The question is, are you ready?

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