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Keeping Your Business Presentable Inside And Out

When running a business, presentation is important to show off your brand in the best possible way. So you should look at all aspects of the business to find ways of improving it both on the outside and on the inside.
Pay Attention To Your Outdoor Space

If you are fortunate to have an outside space, then take advantage of your surroundings and create something of interest to look at for your guests who come in and out of the business. Using game cover will provide any garden area, protection throughout the year. Pick out plants and flowers that are vibrant in colour and have some outdoor furniture and décor for guests to enjoy and relax in.

Try hiring some landscapers or gardeners to get creative with your space if it’s not something that anyone in the business would be able to do and try to change it up every year.

Be Innovative With Your Design

Just like the business, your design for the office space should be innovative. Think about current trends that are popular and don’t be afraid to try something new. Playing it safe doesn’t put you on top so always think about ways to make the space unique. It’ll create an impression on clients that you’re able to think outside of the box.

Don’t Let Clutter Take Over

It can be very easy when working in an office space to let things can on top of you and your paperwork, files and what not, build up on your desk. Try and encourage everyone in the business to keep their areas free of clutter and stress the benefits of working in a clean and organised office.

Try and keep your files digitally stored instead of filling up folders and get plenty of storage options so you can store all your files away. Make sure you hire a commercial cleaning service too.

Think About Employee Image

Being professional and presentable isn’t just something for the office, but it’s for your employees to take on board as well. Depending on the industry you’re in, wearing the right uniform can speak volumes and if an employee shows up in a hoodie and jeans, that’s perhaps not going to send the right message. Educate your staff with the importance of image that’s not just about what you wear but about how they present themselves to other staff members of guests. Keeping your employees happy will only benefit the company’s image too.

The Reception Is The Face Of Your Business

Almost all offices and businesses will have a reception space, and it’s this that is the face of your business. So taking employee image on board, the reception should be at their best every day. The reception area should be immaculate and well organised but be welcoming too. Having comfy seating and plenty of natural light is going to show off the business well. Even down to the magazines and newspapers on the coffee table, it’s all important for the image you’re trying to get across.

Improve the Functionality of the Space

A space needs to function well in order to get the best out of a business. So if things aren’t working as they should, it might be useful to look at a refit of the office. Perhaps your layout is a little confined, and it would benefit from a more open-plan layout? Or maybe you don’t have a breakout space for employees to take lunch or just five minutes to reset the batteries.

Whatever it is, improving functionality is certainly going to help with productivity and will also make your employees happy. Try and do these refits out of office hours but if that’s not possible then it’s a good idea to get it all done over the summer. Most of your employees will be taking holiday around this period so the office will be quiet.

Fix It Immediately

A small problem like changing a light bulb at home can be avoided for a while but when operating a business, anything that breaks or gets damaged should be fixed immediately. Your operations manager within the business should be able to have the skills to fix some things, but for those that are a little out of their skill set, it’s good to have a handyman on call should any emergencies crop up.

However new or old your business may be, it’s always important to keep your business presentable so be sure to keep this advice in mind for your own business going forward.

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