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How Can I Make Money From My Blog?

Making money doing something you love is the dream.

If you’re already blogging as a hobby and your blog is established, a few changes here and there could earn you some extra pocket money each month simply by following your passion and doing what you would be doing anyway! Here are some ideas to consider:

Focus on Branding

When it comes to any business – including a blog – your brand is an element that has to support everything. It’s the heart and soul; the message of your business. This is the one thing you will need to get right to compete with your more established competition. Branding is about creating a message and a story, but it’s also about communicating it effectively. To get your branding right, there are a few things to focus on.

First, your blog’s name. It should be unique, snappy and memorable. Spend some time thinking about the name before committing to make sure it’s right. It shouldn’t be the same or too similar to any of your competitors. You should also make sure it’s available to buy as a domain.

Second is your logo and design, as the way your blog looks on the page and the aesthetics is so important. Have a graphic designer create something that’s completely custom to you; this will help your site to be instantly recognisable to your followers and stand out from the crowd. If you’re creating business cards or other stationery for your blog, the theme should be consistent throughout.

Appeal to Sponsors

The big companies of the world are all well aware of how influential blogs can be, which is why they’re keen to work with bloggers. Once your blog reaches a certain level, companies will begin contacting you asking if you would like to collaborate. Often this involves publishing a guest post which has already been written, or asking you to write a post including a specific link. These opportunities generally pay well and are the biggest source of income for most bloggers.

But with so many blogs out there, how can you make yours stand out? What makes a sponsor want to work with your blog? There are a few things. First, a nice design that doesn’t look spammy. If you’re using AdSense or displaying other ads, make sure these are added tastefully and aren’t cluttering up the page. A clean template with a nice header or logo are ideal for your brand as well as your blog’s aesthetic. Second is content. Your existing content should be well written, not copied or spun content. As a blogger, your primary goal is to put out the best content you can. Finally, domain authority. This is a metric by Moz used to show how popular or influential your blog is on the web. You can boost your domain authority with backlinks, getting your blog’s link onto other influential blogs. The best way to do this is to ask other bloggers to link swap with you or publish guest posts (with a link back to your own blog) on other sites.

Make Sure You’re Paying Tax

Finally, once you’re making any money with your blog, you will need to let the tax office know about it. The exact procedure will depend on the country you live in, but often you can just apply online and fill in a self-assessed tax return once a year. It’s easy to do but ensures you’re staying up to date with the law.

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