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Make Running Your Startup Easier in 3 Smart Ways

Setting up a brand new business is a huge task.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going it alone as a freelancer or trying to build up an office to get to 50 employees (or more!), there is a lot to do.

As an entrepreneur, it is your job to find a gap in the market and then put together a way to fill it. This might be a service-based business or a product-based business, or even a cross between the two. The problem is that business isn’t just about doing the thing you are good at. You need to wear a lot of different hats all at once to succeed.

Or do you?

Getting started as a lean startup doesn’t mean that you have to do everything yourself. Outsourcing, streamlining systems and even finding a partner to run the business with can all help to relieve the burden on you so that you can get back to doing what you’re best at.


You would be mad these days to try to run accounts, HR, IT and any number of other departments from your business right now. Sure, when you have a lot of employees and a full building of offices, you might like to bring these roles in-house but for now, stick to what you know.

There are all sorts of things that you should be outsourcing from production and manufacture right through to outsourced payroll, even when you are a fully developed and thriving business. These things are usually cheaper to outsource than to bring in-house and you will get a much better service from a specialist team than one solitary employee!

Streamlining Systems

When you have a million things going on and can’t find a pen and paper to make a note, you know that you need to create a streamlined system to ensure that everything gets done. Luckily for you, technology is way ahead here and there is a software system for almost everything.

The key areas to focus on are how customers can interact with your business and how you can deliver your product or service in the most efficient manner possible. If you are a startup with a grand new vision, you might need to work with a software developer to get exactly what you need, but for the most part, a bit of shopping is all you will need.

Finding a Business Partner

You might be the brains of the operation but many businesses do much better when there is a partnership at the top. Finding someone to complement your skills is a great way to ensure that your business gets the success it deserves and should help to relieve some of your stress too.

Finding a business partner can be tricky if you are looking for a specific set of skills but you aren’t short of places to look. A business incubator or accelerator could be a good place to start but networking events, social events, in fact, any event where you meet other people could be the place you find your new partner.

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