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Growing Pains: Making It All Work When You’re a Struggling Startup

We all have struggles from time to time, and it’s usually within the first couple of years that we can have difficulties finding our feet.

When you are a struggling startup, how is it possible to make things work, not just in a way that ensures you are financially secure, but so your staff are happy too?

Focus On Infrastructure and Organisation

Organisation is key; we have to ensure that, through all the chaos, we are able to operate with clarity underneath it all. A proper structure is what we can hang our business processes on. From the business plan to the office layout, a good structure pays for itself, and it’s surprising how many startups don’t have proper organisational tools. Even something as basic as QuickBooks can help to organize your company’s finances. If you don’t get anything else done, ensure that you have a structure in place.

Remember The Marketing

Your product and your brand are integral to promoting the business, and while you can make the most of SEO services, there are many out there, such as Calibre Media, you have to ensure that the marketing communicates, in a dynamic fashion, your approach and ethos to the world. Marketing isn’t just a way to get your product out there; it’s a way to showcase your ideology. Creating an effective marketing campaign is how we marry our products with the brand. And when you are new to the business world, it’s not just about social media marketing; it is about the comprehensive campaigns that go across various platforms. While Search Engine Optimisation is essential for so many promotional tactics nowadays, you shouldn’t underestimate the more old fashioned ones, such as email marketing.

Work On a Positive Culture

Last, but never least, if you want to struggling startup, people are going to feel like there’s no sense of stability. You need to ensure that you are all working as a team, because this is what will help to improve morale, and therefore benefit the company’s culture. It can be a very precarious time when the business is starting out, and this is why you need to work at building a team that is able to weather the toughest storms, and this begins with you. Leading by example, but also having an open door policy, are two of the most essential ways to ensure that your workers feel confident in your ability to make the company survive this difficult time.

Every startup has its share of struggles and it’s never been smooth sailing for any one of them, but if you don’t want to fall into that oft-used statistic of 70% to 80% of startups failing within their first year, you need to focus on these three essential processes. It’s important to never lose faith, because you can negotiate the toughest times, and you will discover, by surviving these difficult situations, what you and your business is all about. It’s an essential part of the growing process, and naturally, there will be growing pains. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make it work.

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