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Office Upgrades You Might Be Overlooking

A well presented office space shouldn’t be an afterthought for your business.

It provides numerous benefits – from looking more professional to clients and workers, as well as boosting productivity and creating a happier workforce. All of these things can add up to better business and, therefore, more profit for you.

There are a few upgrades you can make in the office that you might be overlooking. These will make a huge difference, so read on to find out more.

Improve the Decor

You might think the decor and aesthetics of an office are unimportant, and are just a luxury. However, the way everything looks can have a huge impact on your business. Think about it; employees working from a drab, dark and dingy space each day are likely to feel uninspired. Make it bright, beautiful and airy and your workers’ mood will reflect this. Clean walls in a light, neutral colour; hard wearing carpets; beautiful signage; and living plants to add colour and contrast to the space will not only make a good impression to any customers or clients who come to your office, but also for your workers too. Since they spend a large portion of their days and lives in the space working, it makes sense to create a nice environment that promotes productivity.

Kit Out Your Conference Room

Lots of businesses will need to hold regular meetings, presentations and conferences – and if yours is one of them then you could consider updating your conference room. Go with a large screen that’s easy to see, plus an AV lectern to allow you to stay organised and make your presentations the best they can be. If you invest in good quality comfortable chairs, everyone will stay comfortable and be more likely to pay full attention.

Communal Areas For Breaks

Do your workers have somewhere they can sit during lunch and breaks? If not, they might be forced to leave the premises and go off site each day. Not only is this annoying, but also it could cost you due to people returning a little late. Put together a space where employees can sit: some comfortable chairs, tables, and a commercial coffee machine and vending machine will provide the basics. A kitchenette and dining area, or even a canteen, would work well if you have more employees. You could even add a pool table or games machine to encourage them to socialise.

Keep Employees Comfortable

An office might be a very safe place to work, but it still has its issues. Neck, back and eye strain are injuries that can occur, and can lead to unhappy employees as well as lost days because of time off. If you make sure every employee has an ergonomically designed desk and chair this will prevent these kinds of injuries. Coloured overlays on monitors are also useful for some people and can help to prevent eye strain and migraines, so you could have these as an option if workers want to use them.

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