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Our Tips For Moving To A New Warehouse This Year

There may come a time during 2019 where your old warehouse simply isn’t giving you everything you need for your business any longer. A warehouse is the beating heart of a business as this is where products come in, get stored and go out to your customers. Having a good warehouse in your business is incredibly important and it can make all the difference to you day after day. If you want to move warehouses and find a larger location for your venture this year, here are some of the things you can do.

Hire a moving company

Moving a warehouse is not at all like moving house. It is a much larger scale job to handle and it is unlikely that you will be able to effectively carry out the job without any help at all. Aside from the many pallets of stock you have in your warehouse, you will likely have things such as fork lift trucks, shrink wrapping machines and compressors which need to be moved by machine movers. Make sure you plan a day or two for this job and move all of the larger items out first.

Check the new place

Your new warehouse will likely be much larger than your last one and as you come to move in, you will want to first plan out where everything will go and how the warehouse will operate. Get together with a few of the senior warehouse staff and decide on a flow of aisles and machines which will make their working day as easy as possible. The flow of movement is important in a warehouse because people are constantly moving in and out with products.

Clean up

Before you move your things into the new facility, take the opportunity to clean up and make sure everything is nice and fresh for your new arrivals. It is always good to take some time to mop and sweep up and it can even be a good idea to hire a steam mop which will get rid of any grime which is on the concrete floor. This will make a huge difference when you move in and it will make the space feel fresh.

Spruce up the office

Every warehouse will have a small office area which will be used to check in and out deliveries and keep a stock check of everything which moves through the space. Before you move into the new space why not take the chance to spruce it up by adding a lick of paint and such and think about bringing some comforts into the area to make it feel a little bit more modern.

Be organised

When it comes to moving thousands of products from one place to another you have to be as organised as you possibly can be. This means that you need to make sure you delegate specific areas of the warehouse to each person, label everything carefully and have a clear map of where things will go when they reach the new place.

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