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Perfecting Your Exhibition Mission

Taking your business to an exhibition can be scary, but it is a great way of getting the business exposure that you need to grow.

If you want to make sure you perfect your exhibition, read on for some valuable advice.

Don’t Go By Yourself

You should never go to an exhibition alone, as this will mean leaving your stand unattended at some point. For every few minutes you’re not there, you’re losing out!

Dress Properly

You may have the best products, but will your staff members match these products or make things look scruffier? Make sure everybody dresses professionally, and that it’s suited to the venue. If it’s a long walk to the toilet and they’ll be on their feet all day, they may want to opt for flat shoes rather than heeled shoes.

Get There Early

Getting early means a better space and setting up with plenty of time to spare. You will also have time to quickly brief everybody – and find out where refreshments are!

Carefully Prepare a Checklist

Creating a checklist before this event is a must, and will make a big difference to how smoothly your exhibition goes. Include everything you need to take, including adapters, stuff to giveaway, enquiry sheets, and more.

Your Display

Having a great display at the exhibition will make the biggest difference to how well your business performs. Make sure you avoid cluttering up the stand, don’t leave empty cups lying around, and make sure staff stay off their phones. Don’t clutter up the area, but design it so that it draws the customer’s eye in some way. Can you include something to watch, listen to or feel to draw people in? Modular exhibition stands can be really eye catching and are great choice for most businesses. Have a quick look at other examples in the area and see what you can learn.

Befriend Your Neighbours

Being nice to the other exhibitors can help you in many ways, whether you need to borrow something or simply add an important connection to your LinkedIn network.

Always Qualify Your Visitors

You can’t be too sure who is a time waster and who isn’t, and you won’t know this until you engage with them. You must qualify your visitors by asking gentle questions that will help you to determine who is best spending the most time with. Finding out job titles, what organisation they are with, and even taking a business card off them you will help you to figure out what to do.

Always Prepare To Follow Up

After any exhibition, you need to make sure you follow up. You have leads now, so make sure you do your best to turn them into sales. Give yourself a deadline to get the follow up messages out, and have a good idea of what you’re going to say. One of the worst things you can do is get home with tons of qualified leads and be insufficiently prepared to deal with them.

Plan your exhibition carefully with these things in mind and you should be set to make a success of it.

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