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Personal Marketing That Works

You know that weird moment when you’ve been talking about something you’re thinking of buying and then, suddenly, an advert for it pops up in your social media?

Or when an email you open from a company feels like they know you like your best friend?

Does it feel like the advertisers are following your every move?

Quite honestly they probably are.

And if you’re in the business sector you know why: these kinds of targeted advertising campaigns work. The age of the generic ad is no more and all of us are becoming far too used to knowing that our personal data has been used somehow to create advertising that appeals only to us.

While, yes, this targeted marketing does work and it works well, but is there a danger that marketers are getting a little too close, that the fine line between segmented audiences and stalking your prey is becoming a little blurred?

We explore some ways marketers can find that perfect balance between anticipating need and personal intrusion.

Personal But Not Too Personal

Those of us who feel like our privacy has been breached by advertisers are less likely to look favourably on the product on offer, according to recent research. We simply draw a line under this kind of behaviour and step quickly away from it.

If you’re running a campaign using a lot of personal data steer clear of letting your audience know just how well you think you know them. Respect their right to a little personal space, even on the internet.

If It’s True In Real Life, It’s True Online

You wouldn’t dream of following someone down the street badgering them to buy your product and the same goes for real life.  Sometimes marketing companies seem so intent on focussing in with laser precision and getting that product sold that they forget there’s a human on the end of the email or social media platform.

Don’t open yourself up to criticism from the public about how you handle your marketing campaigns; use your clever wit and not your stalking skills.

Be Accurate

If you look like the real deal, you probably are the real deal so avoid sending out marketing emails and ads that look and feel like they’re second rate, last minute jobs. Get a company like Proof Master to finesse your offering and give just the right feel of transparency and personalisation.

Establishing yourself as a brand that can be trusted to keep personal boundaries while finding exactly the right product for your intended audience takes time and experience. Building that relationship with your customer base is an investment well worth taking your time over.

Using your creativity rather than market bombing your recipients will stand you head and shoulders above the competition. Be true to your brand, avoid being creepy and start a personalised campaign based on excellent research that fully respects that there’s a human just a few clicks away from buying  a product from a company they can trust.

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