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Picking Up The Perks: Which Employee Benefits Are For You?

You might reach a stage in your career when the benefits you’re offered along with a new role will inform which job offer you choose.

Early in your career, you often feel like you need to grab any job opportunity that comes along. But when you’re more experienced and might be getting several job offers at the same time, you need a few ways to decide which role is right for you. Employee benefits shouldn’t be your only criteria, of course, but they’re certainly something you might look at. Here’s how you might decide which types of benefits are most important to you.

Advice and Support

One of the ways you can sometimes benefit from things offered to you by an employer is in support and advice. Employers often give their staff coaching or advice in a few different areas, designed to make them happier employees. This advice and support might come in the form of health and wellbeing counselling, including help for mental and health and personal issues. It might also include employee financial wellbeing services, which help employees manage their money more smartly. These benefits don’t always do that much for the employer once you work for them, but they can help you improve your life.

Fun Extras and Leisure

While some people are looking for serious ways their employee benefits could boost their career and future, others just want some fun perks. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxed employer, or at least one that rewards hard work with plenty of play, you might want to think about the benefits they offer. Some employers will offer perks like free drinks every Friday or even employee holidays. Maybe there’s a games room you can use whenever you want, or there are opportunities to win prizes for good performance. If you place a lot of emphasis on your social life and having fun, these types of benefits might be what you’re looking for.

Medical and Health Benefits

A lot of employers try to help their employees look after their health. They recognise that healthy employees do better work. There are various benefits they might offer that could help you manage your health, as well as your finances. Some employers choose to offer employee assistance programmes, which help you deal with personal problems that could impact your work. Other health benefits could include free or discounted gym memberships or yoga classes during lunch breaks. They might also offer private medical insurance or income protection. These benefits are ideal if you have a family.

Saving and Investment

If you’re planning for your future, help with investing and saving your money is useful. You might be able to find employers who offer private pensions, shares schemes and workplace ISAs. They can also offer you financial advice so you can make the most of your money. Many people would rather focus on these benefits than on things like free gym memberships.

Think about your current needs and your goals for the future when you’re deciding which employee benefits matter most to you. It can help you find the right employer for your next role.

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