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Pre-Purchase Thoughts and Attitudes it’s Worth Knowing

The customer about to buy a product goes through a certain set of thoughts before they make that final decision.

It might be that they’ve considered buying an item for some years, but have never made that step. Taking that step does not happen accidentally. It’s a process of deliberation, but it usually always follows the same parameters. In the effort to sell many of your products to people all over the world, it can be essential to know what this hidden formula is.

Now, simply because you might be a business leader, it doesn’t mean you are separated from these mental perspectives yourself. It’s likely you experience the exact same when making a personal decision to buy. We’d suggest that the following can help your business, but will also help you relate to the average consumer on the street.

Emotional Excitement

Customers feel excited when making a purchase. That quick dopamine hit of gaining possession of something drives down to our motivational roots. Allow a customer to feel this excellent feeling. They call it ‘retail therapy’ for a reason. Allow bonuses for people who buy your product in a certain manner, or make the packaging fun to get into. Make a big deal of your consumer joining your brand’s ‘family,’ which is simply wording that costs you nothing, but gives them a feeling of renewed competence. This emotional excitement can be teased in many ways, and if you hope to help customers make that transition, you’ll focus on it.

Personal Wisdom

A customer might have spent incredibly indulgently, but they still want to know they received a good deal. For this reason, you might add value points of any sort on top of the purchase, or offer promotional material with another business to increase the strength of the product. It can be worthwhile to optimise your merchant credit card processing to help them make the purchase convenient and a pleasant experience. Even when maxing out credit cards, this allows a customer to feel as though they really did search for the best deal, something that another consumer might not have had the wit or temerity to seek out. That can be an extremely liberating feeling for someone on a shopping spree, and it also helps cater to the most frugal of those you hope to attract.

Part Of The Club

A consumer has chosen your brand among many others. As soon as they do, they want to feel as though they are the most intelligent for choosing the ‘correct brand.’ Help them feel this way. This might be branding your firm in a slightly more mature manner than those on the market, or simply allowing your graphic design to seem a little more aesthetically pleasing. It might be simple things, like how your product comes or is packaged. How well has Apple’s minimalist design in packaging afforded a sense of true brand loyalty? Keep this mentality in mind, and you’ll help your consumers feel like part of the club from day one.

With these simple ideas that appeal to the instinctual and subtle thoughts of all potential consumers, you can rapidly increase your brand popularity.

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