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Prioritising Your Health and Safety in the Workplace

When you become an employee, your employer automatically assumes a whole lot of responsibility for your health and safety. It is up to them to provide you with a safe space to work in and to ensure that any tasks requested of you are safe for you to carry out. If tasks require specific personal protective equipment, they must provide you with it; if tasks require the use of equipment or machinery, this must all be thoroughly tested before you are put to work; if you require specific training to be able to carry out a role safely, you must be provided with that training before you begin.

There’s good reason for this. Every year, numerous people become injured or even end up in fatal accidents at work. There are also cases in which people can become ill as a result of working – these illnesses could range from minor illnesses to fatalities. So, this isn’t a subject to look lightly upon!

However, while it’s your employer’s responsibility to take care of you in regards to health and safety while you are at work, it’s a good idea to be proactive in ensuring your own safety too. Make sure that you listen while being trained. Make sure that you raise any concerns that you may have with your employer. If you feel that you need further information, training or safety equipment, request it. If ever in doubt about whether to speak out about anything, remember that speaking out could be potentially life saving. Just take a look at the infographic by below if you don’t believe us!

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