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Renting An Office: The Basics

If you have set up your business at home, there will come a time when the spare room at the back of the house simply isn’t good enough anymore.

To make sure you can make the most of your business and loom to expand, renting an office is the perfect solution for you.

1. Determine Budget

The main decision you will need to come to when looking for an office space is how much money you can possibly afford to spend. Your budget is your biggest hurdle when looking for an office space and you will need to make sure that you account for every small expenditure. For example, you will need to rent your commercial properties, buy furniture and equipment, look at the facilities, think about parking costs, and even hire employees. It is a huge investment but is one which can take your business to the next level.

2. Think Of Space

When you are looking at different forces you need to think about how much space you need for your work. If you work alone you will only need a small office space to house your files, equipment and products. However if you are planning to expand your team in the next year or two you will want to accommodate for their working spaces too. Your ultimate aim as a business is the expand and grow, so it is in your best interest to rent an office which is slightly larger than you currently need.

3. Consider Amenities

Once you start to make a shortlist of possible office spaces you can start to think beyond the four wall of your office. Consider what area you are planning to move to and what amenities are in the local area. Ideally you will want to be in the centre of the city surrounded by some shops for you and your employees as well as an outdoor space where you can head during the summer. All of these things can make a difference to the overall atmosphere in your workplace so you need to consider where has the best amenities.

4. Travel

When you make the move from your home to an office, it might not only be you who is moving into the office space. If you have people working for you who are currently working remotely you may want to bring them into the new office with you. Of course, if your employees live in a different city it isn’t possible, but ideally you will have a team who works in the same building. This means you need to think of how easy it is for everyone to travel to work.

5. The Fun Factor

If you want to rent out a great space for your team you will want the office to have a fun feature which you can all enjoy. This could be anything from a great open café to a rooftop terrace sitting area. All of these thing add personality to the space and will make your office stand out from the rest.

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