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Setting Up a Good Welcome Wagon

When you’re in the business of, well, business, you need to impress a lot of people.

Whether they be customers, clients, new employees or investors, they have to think you’re worth their time and money. And even though you have a great sales pitch on your side, people still tend to judge by appearances. It’s up to us, in the modern age, to make sure business becomes better and better for both us and the next generations, so here’s a few tips on setting up a good welcome wagon for anyone who walks through your door.

Offer Refreshments

It’s such a simple point, but it’s often the greatest mark of hospitality. And when you’re hospitable, you’re responsible. A lot of the time people won’t ask for something they need, like a drink, because they have no idea whether you can cater to them or not, and that can work against you when you have someone you need to impress. Make sure they know you’ve thought of everything to keep them comfortable in their investing or shopping decision.

Inform Them of Everything They Need to Know

First of all, you need to make sure you’re informed. There have been countless experiences in businesses the world over in which people didn’t even know a new person was starting in the office that day, or that a visit was going ahead by a potential investor. No matter who you’re working with, people always need to know when there’s a change going on.

Informing someone who comes to you about what’s expected of them, or what you can offer to suit their needs, is number one on the priority list. Don’t leave any details out, and make sure you have examples to back up claims. These can be recent transactions, testimonies, or even a presentation you’ve specially prepared for this occasion.

Make the Office Look Good

The office needs to be the number one place to host anyone you need to help your business work. And that means you need it to look as fresh and professional as it can. Don’t forget your employees in the rush either. Make sure they’re as polite as can be, and are around to answer any questions the person may have.

Treat your office like your home; much needed to live. With that in mind, you need to dress it up in ways that make it look cared for and invested in to better showcase your seriousness about your business. Buy some custom rugs for meeting areas to inject some much needed colour into an otherwise neutral landscape. This can make the place seem a little more cosy, and is a very welcome addition to an otherwise empty room save for some chairs and a table.

A good welcome wagon doesn’t have to be hard to put into practice, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to make people feel needed by your company. Focus on tailoring an experience to them when they walk through your doors and focus on details.

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