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Shipping Costs To Consider

Shipping is a huge part of any product based business because it is how your products get from your warehouse to your customer’s door.

If you are new to business and looking into shipping for it, there are a few costs you need to consider, and a few things you can do to cut down the costs of shipping for better efficiency. Here are some tips to use:


Comparison sites aren’t only for businesses such as insurance or supermarkets, they can be used for anything at all. Parcel2Go is a site which allows you to look at different couriers and this will allow you to decide which business is the one that you want to use for yours.

Get to know your carrier

The big carriers out there such as UPS are all over the world, and they have representatives in every major place. The job of these people is to talk about rates and make sure that you are happy with the service they can give for your products. Make sure to take the time to get to know your carrier in your local area and really make an effort to build a friendship of sorts with them. This will allow you to get better rates by negotiating.

Understand flat rates

If you are to ship your products across the country, it would make sense that longer distances will cost a little more than shorter ones, right? If you are shipping from London to Manchester, this will cost less than if you were shipping from London to Edinburgh. Find out about flat rates for different postcodes or zip codes and make sure that you understand the system before you choose the person you want to use for shipping.

When you stay to use a certain company for your shipping needs, you can start to haggle with them over the price of certain packages or deliveries. You might think that once you have chosen the company to use that you have to agree to every price, but you still want to get the best possible price for your delivery. Don’t be scared to haggle, it’s worth a try and even if you can only get a tiny amount off the price it still counts as a win.

Use their software

When you sign up with a carrier like UPS, they will have software which you can use to weigh out, package and secure your packages from the word go. Make sure to take advantage of any equipment or software they give you because this will make your job much easier and allow you to be much more efficient.

Manage supplies

Make sure that you always have the supplies you need for packaging. Order in bulk when you can and never let the packaging material get below a certain level. You will likely be able to haggle for this stuff too if you are buying in bulk and you are a regular customer. Stay on track with your stuff and you will always be on the rise.

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