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Simple, Smooth & Stress-Free Office Renovation Checklist

Since we spend so much time in our offices, it is so important that they are spaces that are comfortable, stylish and conducive to good levels of productivity.

Taking on an office renovation can seem like a bit of a headache, however there are ways of going about it to ensure that it is a manageable project that won’t disrupt the workflow in your office – and won’t cost an arm and a leg. So if you are thinking about ramping up your office, then follow our tips on how to go about the project in a calm and cost-effective way.

Start With a Plan and a Purpose

All good projects start with solid plans and a proper purpose. The best thing to do before you start with anything physical is to first decide what the purpose of your office renovation is. Is it to provide more space for an expanding team? Is it to update an old and slightly shabby workplace? Or is to provide a modern and stylish space that you can be proud of, for staff and clients coming to visit? Pinpointing the purpose of this project will allow you to create a solid plan of how to go about the renovation, and will help keep you focused on your main objectives throughout the work.


Like any renovation of any space, the best place to start is always to declutter and organise. Getting all your staff to dig in, go through all the accumulated items, get rid of anything that is no longer being used and start creating a pile of things that you can throw away. For this stage of the process you are going to need to hire a skip in order to make sure that you can get rid of all your unwanted and discarded items straight away, without people tripping over things in the office. Look for a local company like who will not only be able to provide a skip, but also will take control of removing all your unwanted things as well. Once you have de-cluttered and got rid of all your unwanted office equipment, you are ready to really get stuck into your renovation project.

Floor Plan and Design

Once your office is decluttered, you will then be able to set about your floor plan. As your floor plan should be a part of your initial blueprint, you should already have a very strong idea of the new positioning of your office furniture. If you need some inspiration, check out for some beautiful office design ideas. It can be surprising how initial plans can change once a space is cleared out, so be open to your designs changing a little throughout the renovation.

There will obviously be a lot of office furniture that you may want to continue using, however if you are wanting to buy new furnishings for your space then why not consider buying recycled office furniture? As office refurbishments are more common than ever, and stylish office environments more important than they’ve ever been, there is a huge amount of quality office furniture that can be bought at very reasonable prices. So keep your eyes peeled for great deals that can save you a lot of cash.

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