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Starting An Online Shop: A Step By Step Guide

If you are sick of the 9-5 job in an office and you fancy trying your hand at something a little different this year, there is nothing to stop you from starting your own online business.

Technology is so impressive these days that almost anyone can go online and make a name for themselves and they can make a living off being at home. E-commerce is a huge part of the online world and online shopping is rapidly overtaking high street stores around the world, and you can get in on this action yourself. Here are some of the steps you need to take in order to open an online shop and create a successful business.

Have an idea

The first step to creating an online business for yourself is to have a winning idea. There are so many things you can make and sell online for a profit and it just depends on where your skills really lie. Perhaps art is your thing and you make watercolours for people, maybe you love fashion and print your own shirts or perhaps you enjoy sculpting clay and selling mugs and plant pots. Have a think about what you enjoy doing and this could be your business from now on.

Get funding

When you want to start a shop online you will need to have a bit of funding to allow you to buy materials and packaging which you’ll need for the products. You can get funding for your e-commerce business from multiple sources and if you have a savings account then this is of course the ideal way to do it. You could also think about using a crowdfunding site or asking family to help you out, and either of these can help you start your business strong.

Source materials

Now that you have an idea and you have the money to buy items, you need to decide where you are going to source your materials. If you are an artist it is important to make sure that you use gold quality materials, but you can still research online to find where they are the cheapest. There are many places in the world where you can get cheap materials and one of these places is China. If you can source a lot of your materials from here you can save a lot of money and be able to make a bigger profit margin.

Create your product

Now that you have everything there in front of you it is time to get creative! It is always great to sit down and let your ideas flow and this is the most fun part of the whole process. Just make sure to let things flow and enjoy the time and your products will come together just fine. Remember when creating products to follow your heart and your gut and don’t simply make things which you think other people will want. Make what you enjoy and this will say a lot more about you as a business and it will attract people to you more.

Set up a shop

Shopping online is so easy that every man and his dog are doing it these days. This is why selling products online can be a great idea for you because it will allow you to really make a change and do something fun with your life. Think for example about looking at sites like Etsy and Shopify, or if you want to sell on the big leagues you can have an account with Amazon too. It depends on the type of products you want to sell, but sites like Etsy can be brilliant for small creative businesses.

Get sharing

Once you have come to a point where you are ready to sell, you need to get promoting online and set up some social media for your business. It can be helpful to ask your family and friends if they will share your page and put in a good word for you and this can help drum up some interest in your work and attract more people to you. Make sure to keep a consistent presence online and this can make all the difference.

Ship it

The only thing left to do now is ship out your products around the world. Make sure to account for postage in your product costs and also make sure that you buy very sturdy packaging materials to keep your item as safe as it can be. Wrap it up and ship it out and voila!

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