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Startup Secrets: The Problems With Hiring Employees

As an entrepreneurial startup owner, you probably have big designs for the future of your company. When you think about the years to come, you might be imagining your office to be something like a beehive, with your busy workers buzzing around industrially while you, the queen, direct all operations from the centre.

Sadly, the dream is often a lot different to the reality. In fact, hiring employees for your startup – at any stage – is a tricky thing to navigate. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the key issues you will experience as a startup owner and ensure you know how to deal with them. Let’s take a closer look.

Your entrepreneurialism

Let’s kick things off with one of the biggest problems – you! As an entrepreneurial type, you know how to get things done, and you like things done your way. And that means it’s going to be tricky to relinquish any kind of control of your business to other people. The trouble is, that’s exactly what you will need to do. You have to build a team that you trust implicitly, and allow them room to breathe, suggest new ideas, and avoid micromanaging them. Once your company hits a certain size, it will be impossible for you to retain a tight grip over every operation, so it’s time to cut yourself – and your employees – some slack.

Your skill set

Entrepreneurs are often ‘Jack-of-all-trade’ types. You might have a rough idea of how everything in your company works, but your biggest contribution to your business will be running it successfully. So, when it comes to hiring your first employees, make sure that you are tapping into expertise, rather than going for the cheap option. Your job is to manage people and take your business forward – it’s your employee’s specialised skills you need to help you achieve those goals.

The HR stuff

If your plans for growth end up working well, it can have an enormous impact on your business. And when a team of two or three suddenly becomes 20-30, there are a lot of complications involved. In fact, there is good cause to hire an HR specialist before anyone else. They can help you with everything from managing employee records through to setting out contracts and helping with the disciplinary process. There’s an enormous legal impact, too, and as an employer, you need a human resource specialist to ensure you are working within the law at all times.

Employees & change

It takes a certain type of individual to work with a startup. They need to be flexible, competitive, and willing to put in a lot of work across many different areas of the business. However, it also takes a certain type of individual to head up teams in larger companies. The skill sets and personality types are so different that it can cause problems at a later stage. The people who you start with may not be equipped with the necessary skills to handle the changes that arise with growth. So, you will have some big decisions to make as your company becomes more successful – will you stick with the loyal people that helped your startup bloom, or will you have to hire more experienced talent that knows how organise and manage in a large company?

Have you experienced problems when hiring staff for your startup? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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