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The Basics of Rolling Out the Red Customer Carpet With Promotions

New customers keep the creditors off your back and the finances in the black.

So, it’s little wonder businesses treat them with otherworldly acclaim.

Promotions are the best way to grab a person’s attention, especially if it is going to provide a pay cut, but they are by no means simple. Saying there is going to be 10% off will pique consumer interest, yet it may not result in bona fide conversions. New customer deals are an art and need to be understood before they can work successfully. Here, then, are the four fundamentals to keep in mind when you extend an olive branch.

Make Sure They See It

Coming up with a ploy is pointless unless enough people see it and take action. With that in mind, try not to rely on one method. Yes, digital marketing is an excellent way to raise awareness, but not everyone uses the World Wide Web. Experts understand this dynamic, which is why digital marketing from Smart Local uses a mix of online and offline strategies. Still, don’t dismiss the popular techniques just for the sake of it. Email marketing is a perfect way to be obtrusive without annoying your base. Plus, the average person checks their account on a daily basis.

Localise It

Whatever you do, don’t take a concept and then apply it across the board. Some methods will translate without too much fuss, but there are always small tweaks. And, it’s the fine detail which makes the biggest difference. Take pricing as an example. Everyone knows (hopefully) that the amount should be in the local currency to avoid unnecessary hassle. However, what isn’t apparent is the need to price check the location. Consumers in a particular region may be less or more wealthy, and you will have to adjust the pricing accordingly. For example, 5% off in London isn’t worth the time it takes to register online.

Think Long-Term

In the past, trial periods used to last a day or two at the most. Nowadays, Amazon is offering a 30-day free trial when new customers sign-up to their Prime service. Copying a massive corporation isn’t always wise, but it is in this case as a free service is a fantastic marketing ploy. With strong calls to action and localised features, consumers will be encouraged to give it a try. After using a product or service, they should be closer to converting for life. Plus, there’s the fact that people forget to cancel their subscription.

Don’t Forget Loyalty

New customers are essential, but so is the backbone of the company: the loyalists. It’s not uncommon for existing members to feel aggrieved because they don’t get the same attention. In fact, some leave, or threaten to, in protest. The good news is that a clever promotion can appease both groups. The Membership Guys recommend offering a deal on a yearly or lifetime basis to include everyone. For example, ASOS has a full year’s worth of delivery for £10 regardless of the type of customer.

Are you looking to entice new customers? How will you attempt to roll out the welcome mat?

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