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The Benefits of Having an Office Garden

Creating an outdoor work area for your staff can be a brilliant way to maximise productivity. Offices can be difficult places to retain concentration as they are often very one-dimensional. Your staff will be sitting at the same desk day in, day out but expected to think creatively and stay focused for 8 hours straight.

An outdoor workspace doesn’t have to cost the earth. Make the most of a small outside space by sprucing up any lawned areas (you can check out something like  for more information on to keep your lawn up to date), maybe adding a bit of decking, some decorative plants, and a comfortable seating area. Your staff can then take laptops outside for a change of scenery and a bit of fresh air to re-ignite their imaginations.

Places to switch off

When your staff have their breaks, it is important that they can use them to relax and switch off from their work so that they come back feeling refreshed and ready to go. An outdoor space for them to relax in would be a great way of achieving this. Fill your office garden with plenty of distractions such as wildlife traps like bird feeders and bird baths and nature like plants, trees, and even water features.

Places for inspiration

Another benefit of having an office garden is that it can be a place of inspiration, especially for those in creative roles. Nature is renowned for giving people some much needed perspective and helping people to formulate new ideas. If a member of staff is stuck on a project, suggest that they take a break outside to see if it helps to clear their head and clarify their thoughts. You could see some fantastic developments in the quality of their work.


If you’re a particularly progressive employer, you might be interested in the benefits of scheduling time into the working day for your employees to do some exercise. Exercise like yoga can help your staff to unwind and get their creativity flowing. Whether it’s a midday session or a way to kick start their morning, create an area in your office garden where they can bring yoga mats and have a quick exercise session.

Employers are slowly starting to take more responsibility for their employees’ productivity and there are plenty of ways to create a more human workspace. If you want to get the best out of your staff, make sure you create a working environment that they will enjoy and that has been designed with their needs in mind. An office garden is a fantastic place for them to either take their work outside for a change of scenery or to spend their breaks somewhere where they can relax and refresh. Make sure it is a place of inspiration with pretty plants and areas that attract wildlife. And if you want to take it a step further, allow your staff to use the area to partake in some light exercise in order to re-ignite their creativity and clear their busy minds.

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