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The Benefits of Keeping a Tidy Office

How tidy is your office space?

If there are…

– Wires trailing everywhere;

– Paper piles filling your desk space;

– Unwashed cups and plates causing an unsightly stink;

– Knick knacks galore, here there and everywhere;

… then your office space isn’t very tidy at all. Now, that may be fine for you. You have a lot to do, so dealing with cleanliness and tidiness may not be the priorities for your working day. But you may want to think again. There are benefits to keeping a tidy office, and here are just some of them.

Benefit #1: It will aid your productivity

The phone rings and a client relays a message to you. You are working to a deadline and you need to get your hands on a file quickly. In both cases you are going to have problems if your desk is a mess. You won’t be able to write down the message if you can’t find a pen and a clean piece of paper, and you are in danger of missing that deadline if you spend valuable minutes looking for a file lost within the confines of your desk space. Sort the mess out, label drawers and folders, and tidy items away accordingly. When what you need is within easy access, you will no longer waste your valuable time.

Benefit #2: You will impress your customers

First impressions are everything, but if your office space is cluttered, disorganised, and downright messy, you are going to give off a terrible impression. Do them and yourself a favour by sorting things out. Ensure everything is clean and tidy, and then organise the office to impart that professional feel. Purchase furniture from (for everything from reception desk to waiting room chairs), and create plenty space to ensure your customers aren’t in any danger of injury. Which leads us neatly on to the next point.

Benefit #3: You will create a safer space

Don’t want to deal with work-related injuries? Want to avoid a messy legal battle with staff or customers? Then remove anything that could potentially cause harm. A trail of wires could lead to somebody tripping over, as well as causing an electrical fault. Spilled drinks can also cause a slippage, as can items placed haphazardly around the room. An overflowing bin can cause injury, especially when nobody can see any sharp items that may have been casually thrown away. A rogue cable can cause a heavy object to tumble from a desk. There are dangers everywhere, but you can alleviate the risk of injury and compensation payouts buy adhering to tidy habits.

Benefit #4: You will feel better

You may have heard the saying, ‘a tidy home a tidy mind.’ The same principle is also reflected in your workspace. The less clutter you have, the more clear your mind will be. Not only will this aid your productivity, but it will aid your sense of wellbeing as well. Who wants to work in a messy office? Not many of us, so rather than face the misery of mess, have a clean up to give yourself a happier and positive attitude when your work day begins.

So, if you’re currently swimming in a mess of your own making, have a tidy up and enjoy the benefits we mentioned. It makes sense, on both a personal and professional level.

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