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The Importance of Training Your Employees

Becoming an employer can be a relatively intimidating process.

It’s not surprising that many small business owners put it off. After all, you suddenly find yourself in charge of other people and making all of the major decisions in regards to what they need to do in order for your company to progress. One of your main responsibilities as an employer is to effectively train your staff. Training generally falls into one of two categories: role training or health and safety training. So let’s take a brief look at the two!

Role Training

If you want your staff members to excel in their given roles, you’re going to have to make sure that they know what they are supposed to be doing. This means that you should thoroughly brief every staff member in what is expected of them before they are set off to work. If their job role changes, you should also give them an update. At the end of the day, staff cannot read your mind and it’s up to you to ensure that they know what part they are supposed to be playing in your company. You should also give regular training to improve their skills and keep them up to date with the latest way of going about things. Sales staff, for example, could massively benefit from Salesforce admin training, which will familiarise them with the best techniques to get their job done to a high standard.

Health and Safety Training

Health and safety training should be an essential for any workplace. Not only can it help to protect your staff (preventing harm from coming their way), but it can help anyone else in the vicinity of your commercial property too. Here are a couple of areas to focus on.


Most jobs will require lifting of some sort at some point or another. Whether it’s a light load or a heavy load, your staff should be thoroughly briefed in the correct lifting techniques. When lifting anything of any weight, they should keep a wide base of support by ensuring that the legs are around shoulder width apart. They should then squat down, bending at their knees and their hips as necessary, and slowly lift the object while maintaining good posture (which involves looking ahead with a straight back).

Fire Safety Procedure and Equipment

No matter where your staff are working, fire is always a potential risk. So, make sure that every staff member is familiar with your company’s fire safety procedure. This should include details such as where the fire exits are (though these should be clearly labelled), where fire extinguishing equipment is (this again should be clearly labelled too), and where the designated meeting point is. This will help them to vacate the premises of staff and customers alike if an alarm is sounded.

First Aid

Technically, you only need one member of staff on each shift to be trained in first aid, but the more employees who are trained, the better. So make sure that as many staff members as possible are officially trained in the basics!

Though these are just two forms of training that you could offer to your staff, they are perhaps the most important. So start organising them today!

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