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These Mistakes Are Making Your Startup’s Fantastic Product Look Bad

You’ve spent all that time, effort and money on developing a legendary product that you know your target market will adore, but you still aren’t getting the sales you predicted, and the market research is showing that potential customers don’t quite see the genius of the item. Why? Find out in the post below.
Your advertising strategy is off

One thing that could be making your product look bad is that your marketing, specifically the advertising strategy you are using is wrong. What this means is that while the product is fantastic, the message that is associated with your brand is not appealing to your target audience.

Happily, there are some simple ways to rectify this, and they all start by doing some additional market research to ensure that you know exactly what your target demographic wants. Then when you have this information you can use it to create targeted and even personalised adverts online, as well as content that you know will appeal directly to the people you are looking to sell too.

Don’t forget that you can even be smart about the placement of your adverts, and have yours running after your competitors to show what a vast difference consumers can expect. Of course, this only work if your advertisement is skilfully created because the whole underlying concept is that the contract between the two makes your brand stand out positively.

Your product images are blurry

Next, when it comes to selling your startups’ products, there are many advantages to be had by doing so online. These include being able to reach a global audience 24/7, as well as the savings that can be made because you don’t have to pay overhead link rent and utilities.

However, there is one major issue that startups need to contend with online and it’s the fact that customers are unlikely to be able to handle or experience the product in the real world before they buy.

What this means is that it’s crucial that your product photos are high quality, clear, and professional looking. Now, this probably left you thinking where can I find a photographer that offers all of these features,? Well, this is where, and you can even get a peek at the type of result to expect by visiting their site as well.

Your packaging sucks

Lastly, your product may look bad because you are getting your packaging all wrong! Packing is crucial for two reasons the first is that it is what the customer sees first if they are to buy it in real life, and secondly, because it what products your product from damage when it is being delivered to store or you your customer’s address.

Of course, for either issue going back to the drawing board and redesign the packaging is usually the way to go.  You can even look at matching the type of packing to the product, and the platform that you sell it on, something that independent Etsy retailers are an excellent example of. Then you can ensure that your product looks its absolute best, and so maximize the chances of selling it in large numbers.

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