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Upgrading The Office: Things to Consider When Buying or Renting Office Space

You might think your office is just four walls, a space for hard work to happen – however a nice office is so much more important than you might think.

A pleasant, distraction-free workplace will mean happier employees and boosted productivity. A smart, professional looking space will wow customers and clients, and could mean more business. For some businesses, location is key if you rely on foot traffic. Either way, getting your office right is important, and so if things are going well and you’re looking to upgrade here are a few things to consider.

Think About Location

Before considering the building or office itself, you first need to think about the location. A central location is good for many businesses, it’s easy access for customers, clients and employees. However renting or buying in a town or city centre costs a pretty penny, and so for certain businesses you might be better off going a little further out. Just make sure there are good transport links, and that employees who don’t have a car are able to get to the office using public transport.

Find the Right Building

The next thing to consider is the building. This is the first thing people will see and so you want it to create a good impression of your business. You could rent an office or even an entire floor in an office block. Alternatively you could go with a stand alone building or even have something built yourself. If you budget is bigger and you have something specific in mind, get a good commercial electrician, plumber, builder and architect on board and have them bring your vision to life. Put together a checklist of everything you want in the building. Large windows, good kitchen features, excellent security systems and more are all things to consider.

Decorate to Perfection

The décor is crucial, and so once you’ve found the perfect office in a location and building you love, you can start putting together the space to look how you want it. Light, neutral walls will make everything look big, bright and spacious. New carpets will freshen everywhere up, and the right window treatments will allow you to adjust the shade while making the most of the natural light. Choose good quality office furniture that will keep your workers comfortable and stand the test of time.

Consider the Size

Do you anticipate that your business will be growing in the future? Unless you’re happy to move offices every year then this is something to think about in advance. You don’t want to buy or rent something huge when you don’t have many workers now, but if you plan on hiring more people then they will need space to work. Give yourself room to grow if this is something you have in your plans. It saves you the time, hassle and cost of moving all the time and future proofs your office.

Have you given much thought to your office? Will you be moving your office premises in the near future?

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