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Things To Think About When Considering a Career Change

Within our lifetime, many of us will join and leave a number of companies. Sometimes it’s to move up the career ladder or just wanting to work with another business. However, we can find ourselves falling out of love with the career we have always worked towards, and therefore we end up considering a career change. So if you find yourself in this situation currently, what should you be thinking about?

Make Sure You Have The Skills

Changing careers can be exciting, but you want to make sure that you have the skills required to take on the job or at least be willing to invest your time and/or money in the training to acquire the skills needed. For example, you’ll need qualifications for a career in sports massage or perhaps even a degree in a relevant subject to be considered for a job in your new career. This is all important because you may need to think about just how much you’ll need to make the transition happen, both time and money combined.

You also might need to have natural talent in some career areas, that no amount of training or qualifications can achieve, so be very sure that you are equipped with the right skills before you go jumping ship.

Think About Your Income

Money shouldn’t control your decisions but your current income may need to be thought about if your career change affects it. Perhaps you’ll need to take a considerable pay cut, and maybe your spending would be too much for the dip in wages. You’ll have to think about whether you’re able to cut down on the lifestyle to cater for a lower income. This is a good time to put all your expenditures down onto a spreadsheet and figure out what your spending habits are.

Hopefully, though, your income will stay the same, or you could even earn a higher wage, which is obviously a big positive.

What Are The Prospects?

What will this career give you? Will it offer better job satisfaction or perhaps more money? The prospects of a career change are important because there’s no point in switching careers if this new path doesn’t offer you anything. Leaving your current job may include a number of reasons, so you want to make sure that this new challenge doesn’t include those same reasons. Think about the potential prospects and if they’re worth the risk then great. If they don’t seem enough then maybe it’s not the right career. We are all talented in more than one way, so dig deep inside yourself and find something else you have a passion for.

Ask For Advice

Sometimes, no amount of brainstorming or reflection on your own is enough. There’s strength in numbers, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice. From getting a careers coach to just speaking to a family member, advice is important for your own growth. It’s always useful to have that unbiased view on your shoulder or one that plays devil’s advocate, questioning how, why and when it comes to your thoughts. There are also plenty of career fairs that may be taking place around your area and don’t forget the world of opportunities that are online.

Is Change What You Actually Want?

But before you start seeking a new career, ask yourself if you really want the career change. You may find that the lack of motivation or passion for your career is that you are in the wrong organization or working for the wrong people. Not everyone will like you, and the same goes for you not liking other people. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s not worth changing your career path if you could easily change your environment to make it better. List the reasons why you want to leave it and list the reasons why you’d want to stay. If one outweighs the other, then you’ve pretty much got your mindset.

Life is confusing, and there is always going to be a challenge or two along the way. However, life is too short to be unhappy. Many of us will spend a big chunk of our life working, so you want it to at least be in a career you love and enjoy. If you don’t feel that way now about your current job, it’s time to move onto something else. Give yourself some time to consider a career change as it’s a big move and one that shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

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