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Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Menacing: Three Ways to Make it Fun

Promoting your business is one of the most important things to get right if you’re going to be a success.

Even the best business ideas can fail if their message doesn’t reach the right people. With so much competition, it’s unlikely that enough customers will ever stumble upon you by themselves. But marketing your business doesn’t have to be tedious; in fact, it’s a chance for you to have some fun. Here are some ideas.

Host an Event

An event can be a brilliant way to get people down to your business. How about throwing a family fun day, with activities for kids, food and drink stalls and entertainers, people are far more likely to come along. While they’re at your business they have chance to look around, you could hand out business cards or run presentations for them to have a look at.

Make a Humorous Advert

Video has been shown to be the most engaging form of digital media. While blogs, articles, podcasts and more are all fantastic, people will always engage more with video which is something to take advantage of as a business owner. How about creating something funny, edgy, witty or just plain outrageous- if it goes viral then this can lead to an incredible amount of interest in your business! Even if it doesn’t, video makes you look reliable and trustworthy and when customers land on a page with video on your website they’re far more likely to make a sale. A corporate video company will do a professional job and make your advert or video the best it can possibly be.

Give Away Free Stuff

Everyone likes free stuff. Research has shown that ‘free’ is the most powerful of all words when it comes to marketing. Giving things away might not seem like the smartest strategy when you want to turn a profit, however done correctly it’s a fantastic way to generate interest around your business and gain more custom.

There are a number of ways you could go about this. The first would be to host a competition or giveaway. Offer a good prize; the more elaborate this is the more interest you will get – although of course it needs to be something your business can afford. Post the giveaway on social media and ask people to tag friends, comment and share the post as a way to gain entries. This will spread your message far and wide, as whenever someone shares their entire friends list will see it. It can gain you lots of new followers on social media which is highly beneficial. Not only does a good following make you look more reliable and make potential customers feel safe shopping with you for the first time, but also the more people following your account the more people your marketing materials and ads will reach.

Other ways you could give away free stuff is by giving a mystery prize when people order over a certain amount on your website, or giving away marketing merch. Pens, hats, mugs and umbrellas will all be genuinely useful to people – have them printed with your brand name and people will be reminded of you whenever they use the item. Giving away freebies is a fun way to engage with your potential customers and make them happy while growing your audience and interest in your business.

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